Hymenoplasty in United Arab Emirates

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Hymenoplasty in United Arab Emirates

Hymenoplasty is a female cosmetic genital surgery designed to restore and repair a torn hymen, which represents a women’s virginity.  The desire to have it repaired is often for cultural, religious, and social purposes.

While the main purpose for this procedure is mostly religious and cultural, there are a variety of other reasons why many women seek hymenoplasty.

Taking part in energetic sporting activities, such as horseback-riding, bicycling or a heavy fall may result in the fragile membrane of hymen to tear and cause bleeding and rupture of the hymen for those who have not yet participated in sexual intercourse.

In certain cultures of latin america and the middle east, a woman is expected to be a virgin on the day she gets married as a proof of being ethically moral. Some women in western cultures undergo hymenoplasty to regain virginity on their wedding night when other women want to give the gift of virginity to their husband after years of marriage.

Others who have been subject to rape and sexual abuse may seek hymenoplasty as way of getting back what was taken from them. Traveling for cosmetic genital surgery abroad is an excellent option for women seeking discreetness and confidentiality.

Plastic surgery UAE offers an extensive variety of aesthetic genital treatments in a highly discreet and private environment.

Hymenoplasty UAE is a simple procedure carried out under local anesthesia where the remnants of a torn hymen are rebuilt to restore and renew the hymen to its "pre" state.

Rebuilding the hymen enables the edges of the torn membrane to adhere to each other and create a closure. Portions of the membrane are sewn together with dissolvable stitches, creating an intact hymen that will act it it would have before being torn the first time, the reason the procedure if often referred to as revirgination.


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Cost of Hymenoplasty in United Arab Emirates

UAE is where you can find luxury and affordability in one place. The cost of hymenoplasty in UAE is very reasonable compared to the US and Europe, because the country’s free-zone status and flexible investment laws that allowed world-renowned cosmetic surgeons set up their practice there.