Hair Transplantation in Thailand

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Dr Narupaves's Hair Transplant Center comprises of a group of aesthetic medical clinics — with 7 branches in Bangkok. As the leading hair transplant center in Bangkok, we have been providing professional aesthetic dermatological services for 8 years. Our goal is to provide professional and quality services, together with proper medical ethics and qualified personnel.

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Hair Transplant in Thailand

Thailand is Asia’s most sought-after medical tourist destination beckoning countless visitors from neighboring Australia, New Zealand and farther from the US and Europe.

Hair transplant Thailand is a great option for patients in search of affordable, effective and permanent solutions to hair loss.

Thailand hair transplant clinics are exclusively dedicated to the treatment of hair loss, providing the latest in aesthetic and medical hair restoration and hair replacement procedures for men and women.

Hair transplant surgeons in Thailand understand that each patient has his own unique needs and appearance goals.

Hence, Thailand hair transplant experts make every effort to proficiently achieve each patient’s goals via tailor-made plans meticulously designed to suit his/her specific condition, including age, hair type, degree of hair loss, lifestyle and hair transplant surgery expectations.

Hair restoration clinics in Thailand are adequately appointed with the latest in breakthrough medical facilities and hair transplant tools to attain as much naturalness and hair density as possible.

Hair transplant methods utilized in Thailand vary according to each patient’s situation. An important factor that must be taken in consideration when deciding on hair transplant method is the ratio of available donor hair in relation to the recipient area in need of transplantation.

Two of the most widely performed hair transplantation techniques are: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Hair Transplant Treatments in Thailand

FUT Thailand: Follicular unit transplantation in Thailand is carried out by excising a strip of skin from the donor area and then implanted in the recipient area. FUT allows the number of grafts transplanted to be equal to the number of follicular units in the donor strip harvested. FUT also gives the surgeon full control over the angle and direction of grafts incisions resulting in natural hair growth at the right angle and direction.

FUE Thailand: Follicular unit extraction in Thailand involves excising follicular unit grafts one at a time using one millimeter punch. FUE Thailand is an ideal hair transplant technique for patients looking for a less-invasive hair restoration procedure. The tiny scars resulted from FUE in the donor area are barely visible and difficult to detect.

Sights to See in Thailand

Bangkok is the peal in Asia’s crown: a safe, affordable, exotic, modern and cosmopolitan city. A concrete jungle at its best, Bangkok is where, for the first time of your life, you will enjoy the traffic-filled and ear-numbing chaos—knowing you will be whisked away to a postcard-perfect beach paradise.

Whether you explore Thailand from the saddle of an enormous elephant or on an exclusive tour, marvel at lush mountains, luscious lakes, relaxing rivers and forests filled with grabbing monkeys.