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Hair loss patients seeking hair transplant surgery in Europe will find Elite Hair Restoration UK clinic an ideal option to combine value for money with quality hair loss treatment.

Hi just like to say a big THANK YOU to the surgeon and the consultant for giving me a great experience, I had 1350 grafts in total. The procedure was straight forward and hassle free I am completely happy with my results and have no regrets so far.
April 2015
I had surgery in May 2014 and am now 5 months post op. I am already seeing a massive increase in hair density. A great team of staff made me feel totally at ease and I cannot thank them enough
October 2014
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Hair Transplantation United Kingdom

Americans, Canadians and Europeans seeking Hair Loss Treatment procedures no longer have to worry about exaggerated costs, limited or no health insurance coverage, and long waiting lines. The current condition of medical care in developed countries has paved the way for medical tourism abroad.

Highly qualified doctors and surgeons in United Kingdom, who have been educated in some of the top universities in America and elsewhere, hold clinical positions at state-of-the-art medical facilities that cater mainly to medical tourists. United Kingdom´s medical institutions utilize the newest medical technology and are run by some of the most skilled and qualified medical professionals.

Hair Transplant Treatments in United Kingdom

United Kingdom is not a new destination for medical tourism, since it has a long history on it. For many years, millions of people have gone to the United Kingdom for high tech and quality medical treatments. The most best skilled doctors and hospitals are found in the UK.

FUT in UK:
FUE in UK are performed through the latest non-invasive treatment techniques using local aesthetic leaving patients with no scarring.

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