Tunisian Oncologists Providing a Powerful Ally for those Touched by Cancer

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05/13/2015 | By: Guest Contributor

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled development and spread of abnormal cells. If the cell spread is not controlled, it can result in death.

Cancer care starts with a bold commitment. It’s the care cancer patient’s need to get back to doing the things they love — a powerful ally for those touched by the dreaded disease. And it all starts in Sousse, Tunisia — the Pearl of the Sahel.

In a profound effort to get patients closer to the most innovative cancer treatments available today, oncologists in Tunisia are committed to developing the most comprehensive treatment plans and patient empowering services. Cancer treatment centers are also using in-depth studies and immense experience to ensure all patients are as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment journey in Tunisia.

Providing cancer patients and their families with comprehensive oncology services has given leading cancer treatment centers in Tunisia global recognition. World-renowned cancer specialists in Sousse are consistently improving ways to guide patients through the treatment and recovery process and on-going therapeutic services.

Global Spotlight — Centre Médical Ibn Khaldoun

Located in Sousse, Tunisia, Centre Médical Ibn Khaldoun offers state-of-the-art cancer prevention, detection and treatment for oral, urologic, gynecological, stomach, prostate, pancreatic, and colon cancer. The goal at the leading cancer care hospital in Tunisia is to understand how cancer arises and spreads and to advance in the detection, treatment, and prevention of the devastating disease.

The Centre’s specialists include experts in cancer care, and highly skilled, practiced and kindhearted professionals who are committed to working together to beat the odds of cancer. Beyond the world-class cancer treatment services, Centre Médical Ibn Khaldoun, has become a community in its own right — where individuals connect and find the resources they need to move forward.

First established in 2005 to meet a need in terms of cancer treatment for tumors, the Centre has grown into a stunning, state-of-the-art facility custom-designed to provide tranquility and well-being to all patient and their entire families.

Expert Oncologists Supporting Cancer Patients

In a recent interview, CEO and Founder of VisitandCare.com, Tolga Umar stated, “It is incredible to partner with a healthcare provider (Centre Médical Ibn Khaldoun) who offers superior patient care, where patients can feel empowered about their cancer treatment. It is unremittingly valued when the patient feels in control of their destiny.”

That control is evident in the way Tunisia has stepped up to plate to help patients fight cancer. Cancer care providers in Tunisia offer a full breadth of leading-edge oncology services and therapies that devotedly create an opportunity for the patient to be at the very center of their treatment.

Every day, there’s new understanding and insight into the fight against cancer — and cancer specialists in Tunisia are on board to help advance this knowledge — empowering patients to stay strong. This unique drive is used in the strategies to treat cancer and how Tunisian doctors care for each patient day in and day out.


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