Medical Center in Tunisia Offering Latest Technological Breakthrough for Treating Cancerous Diseases

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01/29/2015 | By: Guest Contributor

Advanced medical center in Tunisia is now offering one of the latest technological breakthroughs ever made for treating cancerous diseases.

Recently, the Centre Médical Ibn Khaldoun held an inauguration ceremony for this ground-breaking revolution: the medical linear accelerator, a machine that is considered as the latest technology on the international scale to treat tumors using X-rays. While the center holds scientific sessions annually, the recent event is making global headlines as it is the only machine on the national level to make undeniable progress in cancer research.

Workshop on Radiation Measurement

The induction also included a workshop on radiation measurement for doctors, physicians and radiological technologists as well as several lectures: Technology in Radiotherapy introduced by Prof. Dr. Noureddine Bouaouina from Sousse, Local Therapy of Prostate Cancer presented by Prof. Dr. Jean Marc from Paris, Dual Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy for Tumors of the Rectum introduced by Prof. Dr. Abderrahman Zuhaier from Switzerland, and Beauty Care for Cancer Patients by Dr. Faten Kilouch from Sousse.

Centre Médical Ibn Khaldoun in Sousse provides a range of personalized treatments including Radiotherapy Chemotherapy and Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine. The team comprises of over 40 committed and highly skilled professionals — as well as state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology compared to European counterparts.

Tradition in Oncology Care and Research

With a rich tradition in academic oncology care and research, the center’s vision is to create a cancer center as a model for multi-disciplinary, team-based care and research.

Centre Médical Ibn Khaldoun provides treatment for:

--Urologic Cancer

--Stomach Cancer Treatments

--Prostate Cancer

--Pancreatic Cancer

--Oral Cancer

--Gynecologic Cancers

--Colon Cancer

--Radioactive Iodine Therapy

The number one goal at Centre Médical Ibn Khaldoun is to understand at the most fundamental levels of how cancer arises and spreads, and to apply this information to progress advanced ways to detect, treat, and prevent cancer.


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