Top Dental Care Destinations for 2012

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01/09/2012 | By: Guest Contributor

You know the drill (pun intended) -- dental drill that is. Patients don’t usually dread the drill as much as they do the dental bills. Dental patients may put up with the reoccurring pain from a decayed tooth, than taking a trip to the dentist and blowing their savings on a dental implant procedure.

According to Simplyhealth, nearly 40% of British dental patients can’t afford the regular 6 month trip to the dentist because of the costs.

Simplyhealth spokesperson, James Glover told “As well as routine dental appointments, unexpected or emergency trips to the dentist can often result in costly treatment. With just over 30% of people stating they have taken their children to one or more emergency appointments in the last five years, budgeting for the unexpected visits is essential.”

However there are many affordable dental care destinations where you can get your tooth cavity filled (dental fillings) or tooth removed (tooth extraction) at a fraction of the price of dental treatments in the US and the UK.

Learn more about the top dental care destinations for 2012 which will have you smiling from ear to ear…

Cost of dental care in Hungary: If dental care could be a country, Hungary would be the capital! Hungary is synonymous with cheap dental care and skillful dentists, who keep international dental patients coming for dental implants, dental veneers and dental crowns.

Dental care in Hungary has a special focus on cosmetic and implant dentistry, including a complete range of orthodontic treatment for children and adults. Cost of dental care in Hungary is ranked one of the most affordable dental care options in Europe, attracting a large number of neighboring Europeans and US patients from across the pond.

Dental implants in Hungary are designed to replace teeth lost because of a trauma, gum disease, tooth decay, or bad eating habits. After you get your pearly whites taken care of, enjoy one of central Europe’s beautiful cities: Budapest.

Commonly known as ‘the Paris of Central and Eastern Europe,’ Budapest glows with baroque, neoclassical, art nouveau buildings to satiate the appetite of any rebellious artist.

Cost of dental care in Turkey: dental care services in Turkey have been elevated to meet the requirements of the European dentistry standards, placing Turkey at the forefront of the dental care world.

Cost of dental care in Turkey or health care in general is exceptionally affordable, offering different payment options for medical and dental care plans to meet the high demands for low-cost dental care in Europe.

Cost of dental care in Mexico: Yes, Mexico is the playground for the rich and famous. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get affordable dental crowns in Mexico; the dentistry industry in Mexico has improved over the last couple of years, introducing low-cost dental care plans without compromising on quality.

Dentists in Mexico boast a full variety of dental treatments using exceptional and personalized services. Other dental treatments offered in Mexico include dental veneers and dental implants.

Mexico is famous for its stunning beaches and wild fire-cracking parties. Whether you visit Cancun, Los Cabos or Mexico City for a dental treatment; Mexico will put a cavity-free smile on your face!

Cost of dental care in Cyprus: A magical Mediterranean island, Cyprus is known to be a second home for many British nationals seeking eternal sunshine, low-cost of living and a laid-back lifestyle.

Despite the fact that Cyprus is the only divided island in the world, it is united on one thing: low-cost dental care. The cost of dental care in Cyprus is the driving force behind the hordes of international medical tourists visiting the Island.

Dental clinics in Cyprus offer the latest in dental care technology and innovative dental techniques, promising a life-enhancing experience, gained from excellent oral health. Enjoy a Mediterranean smile makeover in Cyprus!


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