Artistic Hair Transplant Surgeons Abroad Growing in Popularity

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06/11/2014 | By: Guest Contributor

Rising healthcare costs are driving patients to seek medical treatments abroad, specifically in countries like Turkey, Mexico and Thailand, because remedial procedures like hip replacement surgery, infertility treatments, and hair transplant surgery are obtainable at affordable costs.

Societal trends are also largely accredited for the increasing amount of patients traveling overseas. Hair transplant surgery abroad has grown significantly in popularity due to the state-of-the-art, modern hair restoration procedures like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Prominent hair loss surgeons are respected within their medical communities for not only their technical skill — but an incomparable surgical artistry.

Spotlight — Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss surgery abroad consists of the latest, most effective therapies, and prestigious locations — Brazil, Belgium, Philippines, Dominican Republic, UK, Tunisia, and South Korea. The goal is to provide advanced hair restoration services to treat male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, and androgenetic alopecia.

These elite hair restoration destinations provide advanced hair transplant surgery and hair loss prevention treatments with unparalleled results and optimal services. The clinics also provide eyelash transplant surgery, eyebrow transplant, beard transplants, and some of the most advanced technologies in the treatment of hair loss, such as laser therapy.

It’s important to choose a hair restoration clinic that takes pride in not only the finest patient care, but also the alluring art of hair restoration. These magnificent spotlight destinations are renowned for creating an aesthetically pleasing and natural hairline for every patient.

More and More Women Suffering from Hair Loss

Today, more and more women are suffering from hair loss. Intensifying this worldwide matter are the effects that medicine, hair products, tanning, childbirth and meager diets can have on a woman’s skin and hair, as well as hormone imbalances and it’s likelihood to accelerate hair loss.

"Stress affects hormone balance, with one hormone in particular called DHT, responsible for inhibiting hair growth by effectively suffocating the follicle," stated Dr Sidhu, SRS Hair Clinic Director. "For those genetically predisposed to hair loss, DHT can accelerate the onset of hair loss meaning it expresses much earlier in life."

He further added, "Your body is constantly focused on survival, so it feeds the vital organs first, with hair and nails last on the list to receive nutrients and repairs. But by optimizing nutrient intake and minimizing negative impacts on the body we give our hair the best chance for strong growth. With that in mind, there are five simple tips to keeping healthy hair. Eat a holistic and wholesome diet, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, learn to switch off your mind in your down time and practice good hair and skin care."

Beyond the obvious visual effects of hair loss, individuals may also experience adverse psychological effects including anxiety, hopelessness, and poor self-respect. It’s never too late to get treatment — affordable, high-quality treatment. To learn more about hair loss treatments for men and women, find a hair loss surgeon near you.


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