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04/04/2013 | By: Guest Contributor

Where in the World Can Men Get their Hair Back?

The pursuit to possess a thick bundle of fibers goes back thousand years ago, to ancient Egyptians. Until this day, hundreds of men are fighting bald battles to find a natural cure to hair loss.

While some men made peace with their bald dome; others are dropping hefty price tags of hair transplants, rendering no satisfactory results.  

Amid the pressures of our highly competitive environment, youth-orientated and grooming conscious society, hair loss is a more pressing problem affecting us even more toady at work and in our social lives than before. 40 percent of men develop noticeable hair loss by age 35. 

Unfortunately, today’s high tech world yielded less progress in finding a pill cure for hair loss.

Many men wish they could fast-forward to a time where technology becomes so advanced and allows men to grow hair with just a few drops of lotion.  

Looking on bright side of hair loss conundrum, there are various viable alternatives to costly hair transplants and fruitless potions.

Choosing the right destination for hair restoration is crucial for achieving a natural and permanent hair growth.

Here’s a countdown of the most successful hair transplant destinations to help you earn bragging rights and grow a head full of hair.

Hair Transplantation Turkey

Health tourism in Turkey is getting hairier! Turkey hair transplant industry is growing with a record pace attracting a wider market including the Middle East and North Africa.

The medical equipments utilized in hair transplant clinics of Turkey rival world class standards.

Hair transplant Turkey specialists work closely and compassionately with each patient to find a satisfactory solution to hair loss that adheres to individual lifestyle.

Hair restoration doctors in Istanbul have many options to having hair that is undetectable and of the highest quality. Follicular unit extraction in Turkey is a widely used hair transplantation method to minimize scarring and achieve natural results.

Hair Transplant Mexico

It goes without saying Mexico is an unabatedly favorite destination for American and Canadian travelers. Hair transplant Mexico is growing more in popularity each year, due to the state of the art hair loss solutions to treat thinning hair, balding hair or even complete baldness.

Mexico hair transplant experts design customized treatment plans for individual patients utilizing the latest techniques and technology to successfully compensate for thinning hair or balding areas.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) in Mexico is one of the newest hair restoration methods. The FUE allows the extraction of hair grafts without leaving a linear line of scar tissue. The hair grafts are extracted one-by-one and transplanted to the recipient’s bald or thinning scalp site.  

FUE is one of the best hair transplant techqiues in Mexico because of invisible scar results, non-invasive nature and fast recovery.

Hair restoration team in Guadalajara works at the highest level of training. Hair transplant teams are made up of board-certified hair transplant surgeons who are also affiliated with the best medical communities in North America.

Hair Transplant Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise nestled in the charming region of the Caribbean. Dominican Republic is making headway in hair transplantation practice luring in numerous hair loss patients from the US. Hair transplant Dominican Republic is the winning formula for a world class treatment and splendid holiday break.

The promise of warm sunshine, beautiful beach and exceptional culinary options make the Dominican Republic a preferred destination for hair restoration.   

Hair Transplant Brazil

A well-founded spot for aesthetic surgery, Brazil features high on patients’ list of hair transplantation destinations, giving other medical tourist countries a run for their money.

Brazil is one of the most sensational spots in South America boasting the world’s best beaches, pristine rain forests and vivacious festivities all year long.

Hair transplant Brazil is burgeoning business bringing hoards of hair loss patients from Europe and the US. Brazil hair restoration practice is renowned for artistry, design and attention to detail that deliver permanent results that will always look natural.  

Hair Transplant Belgium

Belgium’s sign for premium quality was not earned for nothing. It is one of Europe’s world class destinations which offers the finest quality of living, particularly health care services. Hair transplant Belgium maintains excellence in all hair loss treatments perfected by technical precision and artistic skills.

Belgium hair restoration service is provided by highly experienced team of registered nurses and technicians. The incessant flow of hair loss patients to Brussels is a solid testament to the knowledge and skill Brussels hair transplant doctors have acquired along the years from concentrating exclusively on hair transplantation treatments.

With these great destinations for hair restoration and profession guidance to identify the right hair transplant clinics in Turkey, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Belgium-- you will be able to see natural results that are tailored to your preference for exceptional value for money.


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