Spain Egg Donor Programs Prove Successful for UK Patients

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01/04/2013 | By: Guest Contributor

Starting a family can be an exhausting and expensive experience. When infertility is added to the equation, it can be an emotionally draining journey for couples to endure and, in some instances, financially out of reach.

Cost is the major concern regarding infertility options but it’s not the only concern. The clinics quality control protocols and patient care are some of the most important ingredients for a successful fertility treatment.
One of the most prestigious fertility destinations in all of Europe is Spain. It ranks the highest among IVF providers in Europe because of its excellent reputation of high pregnancy success rates, large egg donor databases, and unsurpassed, personalized patient care both prior and post treatment.

IVF Spain is the ideal fertility destination for patients traveling from the UK, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and the Netherlands. Spain utilizes the most advanced reproductive technology and sets the standards for education and reproductive science advancements throughout Europe.

Spain IVF clinics are accustomed to creating a treatment program specifically tailored to meet the needs of each patient on an individual level with attention to detail, discreet care, and the kindest bed-side manners.

Fertility clinics in Spain are operated by medical practitioners with extensive studies in reproductive medicine who enthusiastically meet the varying cultural needs of international patients. Often staffed by a team of patient coordinators who are fluent in several languages including English, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese and Swedish.

Fertility clinics in Spain accord comprehensive, cost effective reproductive services, from basic fertility testing to state-of-the-art- egg donation programs.

Egg Donation Spain:

Egg donation in Spain has a reputation for unparalleled expertise, personalized attention, and the highest level of professionalism. Egg donors in Spain are a group of international women who are carefully selected to share this life-altering act of altruism so another person can become a family.

Spain’s egg donors, although by law are anonymous, are carefully qualified by each fertility specialist. The selection process is rigorous and exclusive and each egg donor must meet very specific guidelines and exhibit a capacity and willingness for commitment to help a couple attain their dreams of having a baby.

Southern Spain, also known as Costa del Sol, or the Andalusia region, hosts several egg donation clinics receiving foreign patients each year from the UK, Italy and Portugal. In some locations such as egg donation Marbella and egg donation Seville, the demand for egg donation programs has increased while still maintaining a low cost.

Spain IVF clinics are culturally sensitive to the emotional issues associated with infertility. For this reason, fertility doctors put a lot of emphasis on the comfort and emotional well being of patients and their accompanying family.

Support and counseling are offered throughout the entire treatment process and during pregnancy. Success rates of egg donation in Spain are significantly higher than those of a conventional IVF program, since egg donors are always young, healthy women.

According to the Spanish Association of Fertility, the clinical pregnancy rate is about 50 per cent per cycle of transfer, making up a total of 6, 518 cycles.

Egg donation Madrid also shares Spain’s fame for third-party reproductive treatments offering a positive and nurturing environment and housing the latest fertility technologies and reproductive medicine.

Reproductive experts in Madrid are renowned for their diagnostic treatment methods investigating specific causes of infertility in each patient. Another equally popular destination for IVF Spain is Barcelona.

IVF Barcelona confers patients the most cost-effective and minimally invasive fertility treatments performed by medical professionals of the highest caliber. Fertility clinics in Barcelona provide a full-spectrum of diagnostic testing and infertility treatment options, including IUI and ICSI.

However the costs of IVF treatments in the south of Spain and even Madrid are more reasonable compared to that of Barcelona. Get a free IVF quote

Benefits of Egg Donation Spain:

Comprehensive Egg donor database: Spain offers the most extensive database for egg donors who undergo rigorous medical examinations to meet the criteria set by each clinic. Donors are matched with the recipient according to physical characteristics, such as hair color, skin color, eye color, and religion.

Some egg donation clinics in Spain offer more than 400 donors in their database, spanning various ethnic backgrounds to meet the needs of international patients. Almost all donors are educated university students aged less than 30 years old and 80 per cent are between 19 and 25 years old.

Medical tests include psychological validation, phenoptpe test sand screening examination for mental diseases, malformations or any hereditary illness. The Spain’s egg donor database is the most extensive in Europe and the reproductive medicine technologies are second to none around the world.

Quality Control: Egg donation clinics in Spain take pride in presenting the best quality treatments and safe conduct from donor selection all through pregnancy. Rest assured when traveling for Spain egg donation, you will receive the highest standard of care that surpasses any leading fertility destination.

Patient Care: Health care in Spain is one of the most technologically advanced medical schemes in all of Europe, rivaling France, UK and Germany. Universal medical coverage is a constitutionally guaranteed right in Spain- not a privilege, and it doesn’t contain any out-of-pocket expenses.

There’s a wealth of quality fertility clinics and specialized reproductive doctors all over the country. Spain is a leader in reproductive medicine and continued advancements for infertility technologies and doctor and patient education.

With experienced fertility doctors who focus on quality control, personalized patient care and ethical practice, it is safe to say Spain is a top health care fertility destination.

Affordable Cost of Egg Donation Spain: Due to the lower-cost of living in Spain, a vast number of infertile UK couples fly direct with Ryanair or EasyJet to IVF Alicante and IVF Seville to take advantage of the inexpensive price of treatments. Many British patients are contributing to a very popular phenomenon called fertility tourism.

The inflated cost of fertility procedures in the UK encouraged numerous patients to explore Spain’s highly developed health care facilities and state-of-the-art reproductive care.

No Waiting List: Unlike most countries, fertility treatments in Spain are very timely, meaning there are no waiting lists and your treatment can be done in a prompt and opportune manner.

Convenient Location: Spain is blessed with an incredibly convenient and accessible position on the map, inviting patients from European countries and from the US. Spain is located in an ideal strategic spot for UK patients, which is vital if repeated visits to a Spain IVF clinic are required.

Fertility Laws and Legislation in Spain:
Fertility patients are lucky to undergo egg donation or IVF in Spain, as laws and legislation governing third party reproductive treatments are controlled but lenient, compared to the UK. Egg donation is legal and allows egg donor compensation. Egg and sperm donors are no longer anonymous in the UK.

In contrast, an egg donor in Spain is still anonymous by law. Strict and safe fertility laws in Spain provide a sense of security and comfort to patients undergoing IVF. Spanish fertility laws set in place dictate that donors must be health screened and come from women who are under thirty-five years of age.

Laws in Spain also allow three embryos implanted in one treatment, which improves the chances of a successful pregnancy. Lawmakers believe that everyone has an equal right to have children and create a family; therefore IVF treatments are rarely declined in Spain.

There is more to Spain than a fertility destination; many people particularly from the UK have changed their holiday status to permanent residency in Southern Spain to enjoy a lifetime of warm sunshine and laidback beach lifestyle.

Spain’s splendid shores of the Mediterranean and laidback daily life are a constant call for British people who are seeking a refuge from the brutal winter weather in the UK.

In fact, many have decided to reside in the areas of Seville, Marbella and Alicante making it their home year round. Alicante alone boasts over 130,000 UK residences. The lower cost of living compared to London and the stress-free beach town environment are likely to offer the most ideal location for fertility tourism.

Undergoing fertility treatment in Spain, chances are you might not leave. Not only you will be met with the highest quality IVF treatment, you will also be spellbound by Seville’s old-new-world charm or Marbella’s marvelous palm-swaying, white sanded beaches. 

If you didn’t fall under Seville or Marbella’s spell yet, Madrid’s grand avenues, gourmet cuisine and quaint little cafes will sweep you off your feet.

Enjoy a safe and successful fertility treatment in Spain!

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