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Gravida is amongst the largest providers of fertility services in the world — as our growth has been the result of a supportive and personalized approach to fertility care.

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Well i most say a good thing about the clinic first is staff & my dra anna galindo trias .i were under her treatment observation though i hadn't my success yet coz dis is my first cycle n every time ill be there i feel the positive vibes to b mother again.i strongly recommend to have a visit if u are trying for a baby
October 2015
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته تجربتي مع مركز غرافيدا كانت جدا جيدة،والصراحة مركز ممتاز من ناحية العلاج والاهتمام وطاقم العمل من دكتورة وممرضين ممتاز جدا وايضا من ناحية الترجمة فالاخت خولة ماقصرت معنا بشيء ،والحمدلله وبفضل الله تعالى العملية نجحت .
May 2015
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IVF in Barcelona

Spain is a pioneering destination for fertility treatments in Europe providing effective solutions to infertility with caring and expert staff who is skilled and well-trained in treating simple and complex reproductive problems.

IVF Spain confers a host of well-established fertility clinics in Europe providing an environment of compassion, mutual respect and accessibility to affordable reproductive treatments for patients wishing to have a baby.

Barcelona is a prominent IVF destination in Spain inviting thousands of couples from Europe, the US and the Middle East to benefit from high IVF success rates, streamlined assisted reproductive technology and inexpensive fertility treatment options.

IVF Barcelona is renowned for providing high quality fertility care to local and international patients on a consistent basis.

Rigorous attention to detail, customized IVF treatments, dedicated staff and sophisticated laboratory facilities are all modern science features that distinguish IVF Barcelona from the rest of fertility destinations.

IVF Treatments in Barcelona

IUI Barcelona: Intrauterine insemination in Barcelona involves a process of depositing sperm in the female’s uterus via artificial means. IUI Barcelona is a more affordable and less-invasive alternative to IVF.

ICSI Barcelona: Couples where the male is experiencing low sperm count or poor quality of the sperm may find Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in Barcelona an ideal procedure.

Egg Donation Barcelona: Egg donation in Barcelona is an IVF treatment pertaining to the process of donating ova, eggs by an egg donor to another couple or individual for the purpose of having a baby.

PGD Barcelona: Preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Barcelona is geared for couples experiencing infertility related to reoccurring miscarriage or unsuccessful IVF cycles and couple who don’t want to pass on genetic disease to their offspring.

Sights to See in Barcelona

It may be the obvious, stereotypical sight of Barcelona, but Park Guell is a must-see and undoubtedly on every traveler’s list-- from the novice first-timer to the grandest globorati.

Gaudi Park is a fantastic place to visit- designed and built by Guadi- featuring a majestic maze of gardens, recreational park and whimsical architectural motifs.

You would be forgiven if you thought you were in a scene from “Alice in Wonderland” movie! The colorful mosaic and serpentine-like design of tiled benches and seating areas will sweep you off your feet. Gaudi Park is best absorbed on a sunny Sunday with a copa of vino and a playlist of your favorite music.