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FIV Center provides state-of-the-art, comprehensive fertility treatments and reproductive solutions to patients struggling with infertility. The clinic offers the most experienced fertility doctors in Madrid with both basic and advanced assisted reproductive technology for female and male couples.

Je suis allée à la clinique FIV center Madrid. J'ai été très bien reçue par le personnel sur place. Ils sont professionnel et aimable! Je me suis sentie la bienvenue. Comme je parle français, ce n'est pas évident en Espagne, mais il y avait une personne parlant français qui répondait à mes questions et qui facilitait les échanges avec le docteur. Je recommanderais cette clinique sans hésiter!
June 2017
It was great experience to meet up with the Dr. And staff there. Very calm and systemized procedure. Very clear information are given to the clients.
June 2016
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IVF in Madrid

In Vitro Fertilization is often the last resort for many infertile couples. Most couples starting IVF have already been through long months of trying to conceive naturally, failed IUI cycles, numerous tests, and much frustration.

IVF Spain is a practice in which the egg, instead of being fertilized in the woman's fallopian tube, is fertilized in laboratory dish. When minimal sperm is available, commonly ICSI is introduced.

Steps involved in the IVF Madrid:

  • Stimulation of the ovary to produce several fertilizable oocytes (eggs)
  • Retrieval of the oocytes from the ovary
  • Fertilization of the oocytes and culture of the embryos in the IVF Laboratory.
  • Placement of the embryos into the uterus for implantation (embryo transfer Madrid)

IVF clinics in Madrid is supplemented by the promise and care of a large team of professionals who are extremely proud of the extraordinary level marked in the laboratory to maximize success for all individuals and couples who choose to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) Madrid.

IVF Treatments in Madrid

IUI Madrid: IUI Madrid is accessible to patients looking for a simpler and more affordable fertility treatment.

ICSI Madrid: ICSI Madrid is best suited for male fertility problems, such as low sperm count or low-mobility sperm that are unable to penetrate the egg.

Egg Donation Madrid: Egg donation in Spain is a type of IVF treatment designed to offer women or couples the chance to achieve a successful pregnancy using eggs donated by an egg donor.

Sperm Donation Madrid: Sperm donation Madrid is a procedure in which a man donates sperm to help an individual or couple conceive.

Embryo Donation Madrid: Embryo donation Madrid can provide the opportunity to assist others who want to conceive by donating available embryos and giving someone else the chance to start or add to their own family.

Sights to See in Madrid

The excitement of Madrid starts in the east at Calle Mayor and leads west to the grand Plaza Mayor, which conjures the magnificence of Spain's 17th-century Golden Age.

Sightsee at the fountain, with its figurine of the Greco-Roman fertility goddess. Make your way down to the Palacio de Comunicaciones— the foremost postal office, dating back to 1904.

Madrid offers you the lush relaxation of green space and unforgettable treasures at the Royal Palace, and Botanical Gardens. Escape to Madrid!