Organ Transplants in Turkey: A Destination for Saving Lives

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11/04/2011 | By: Guest Contributor

Turkey is no stranger to affordable and state-of-the-art health care facilities; it is among the world’s most popular destinations for inexpensive medical tourism. With the growing demand for affordable organ transplants and shorter waiting lists, overseas patients are considering Turkey as a world-class medical destination for highly skilled organ transplant surgeons. Health care institutions and medical hospitals in Turkey take pride in being leading providers for organ transplantation surgeries and other chronic medical conditions. Organ transplantation in Turkey offers multi-organ transplant programs, replacing kidney, liver and bone marrow and other live donor and multi-organ transplantation.

Transplant tourism to Turkey promises a large number of specialized centers that provide affordable organ transplant surgeries and travel arrangements, which may include airfare, ground transportation, luxury accommodations and food. Hundreds of patients- mostly from the US, Europe and the Middle East-visit for organ transplant surgery in Turkey, attracted by the pioneering expertise of Turkey's organ transplant surgeons. One of the most renowned names in health care and organ transplant procedures in Turkey is Memorial Hospital, pioneering in new advances in transplantation surgery, including liver, kidney, and bone marrow transplants. With years of experience in saving lives, Memorial Hospital in Turkey, offers unsurpassed medical experience, led by multidisciplinary team of board-certified, highly skilled surgeons in safe and cutting-edge surgical facilities.

Liver and kidney transplantations are widely available and being successfully performed in through Turkey. Memorial Hospital Organ Transplantation Unit in Turkey is the first and the only private health care institution approved and licensed by the Health Department for organ (liver and kidney) transplantation and related laboratory services. Liver, heart and kidney transplants are successfully performed in Turkey; and lately pancreas transplants are also being performed. When considering organ transplantation in Turkey, you have to be well aware of the laws regarding organ transplant practices. Organ transplantation laws in Turkey strictly stipulate that the organ donor must be of a fourth degree relative. Organ donors are not provided in Turkey; patients must bring a donor of a fourth degree relative, along with them for organ transplantation in Turkey. Patients traveling for liver transplant in Turkey or kidney transplant in Turkey will have to provide documents from their local authorities to certify the relationship between his/her donor.

Lucky, Turkey lies in the center of the globe, sprawling across three regions, Europe, Asia and the Middle East- making it a very convenient and easily reached destination. With more lives saved each day by successful organ transplant surgery in Turkey, organ transplantation has become a safe, viable and highly sough after surgery in the region.


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