Americans Combine Sandy Beaches of Cancun with Fertility Care

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09/20/2012 | By: Guest Contributor

Traveling abroad for fertility treatments can be the result of various reasons, ranging from finding flexible reproductive laws, or lowering your cost of IVF while still maintaining high quality fertility services.

Nonetheless being an emotionally distressful journey, many couples are putting more thought into traveling to relaxing destinations to combine soothing vacation with a fertility treatment.    

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For American fertility patients, choices are endless! IVF in Mexico is the most arbitrary answer when US couples are planning a world-class fertility procedure combined with sunny, palm-flanked beach getaways.

One significant spot in Mexico that has been making headways in the field of assisted reproductive technology is Cancun. Irega IVF clinic rose to prominence during the last couple of years attracting a huge number of patients from the US and Canada.

Why Travel to Cancun for Fertility Treatment?

For the aforementioned reasons, IVF Cancun caters to patients seeking flexible reproductive laws, large egg donor databases, high pregnancy success rates, cost saving and high quality fertility services.

Cost-Effective Fertility Treatments:

Cost is a defining factor when traveling for IVF abroad. And Mexico exhibits that appeal for patients looking to save on their fertility treatment. Cancun fertility clinics sustain the same high standards of the US but at costs that are much affordable, taking into account your travel expenses and local accommodation. Patients seeking Cancun IVF treatments are expected to save up to 60 percent compared to the overall cost back in their home country.

The lower overhead expenses, affordable cost of living in Cancun and wage cost are all influencing reasons for Mexico’s inexpensive fertility care. These factors allow fertility specialists and clinic owners to utilize cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art facilities than their counterparts in the US. 

Flexible Fertility Laws:

Mexico enjoys a unique advantage that is hard to find in many fertility care destinations. Cancun does not have restricting laws which prohibit IVF treatments-- and offers engaging clinic staff who will guide you through every step of your IVF procedure.

There are a number of reproductive treatments that are often met with stringent government laws and regulations in different destinations around the world but are widely legal and permitted in Cancun, including egg donation, gender selection and PGD.  

Egg donation in Cancun is a permitted practice and is considered an invaluable source for many American and Canadian patients, due to the availability of large donor database and non-existent wait times.

Gender selection is excluded in many parts of the world due to its highly controversial outcome - baby sex selection. However gender selection Mexico is legal and successful.

IVF with embryo donation in Mexico is legalized and soundly accessible to patients from overseas and providing high pregnancy success rates. 

World-Class Fertility Facilities:

The first-class medical service in Mexico and primer fertility facilities are evidently demonstrated in Cancun IVF centers which set it apart from other IVF destinations in the US, UK and the rest of the world. Advancements in Mexico reproductive medicine have brought some of the highest pregnancy rates in North and Central America.

Rest assured when traveling for IVF Cancun you are backed by innovative assisted reproductive technology that will put you in the safest hands of fertility practice.

Leadership in fertility research science is critical to IVF Cancun success, as well as commitment to providing patients personalized fertility care that can be experienced in every step of your treatment.    

Cancun fertility experts strive to help you reach your goal of pregnancy and have a healthy baby while extending the best fertility treatment in Mexico.  

Convenience & Close Proximity:

Traveling to Mexico is very easy for Americans and Canadians considering from proximity perspective. Buckle up for a scenic ride from a Southern State to Cancun and enjoy a magnificent Mexican road trip! Crossing the US-Mexican border does not require a visa and travel time is very short and safe.

With only a 4-hour flight from New York City to Cancun, you can easily fly over just in time for your IVF consultation session; and before the sun sets, you can do your long-awaited sun pilgrimage on Playa Tortugas, one of Cancun’s most popular beaches.     

Unlike the stereotype that many refer to when traveling to Mexico... Cancun is a safe city to travel.

English-Speaking IVF Specialists:

Having a language barrier with your fertility doctor can be a hindering difficulty. Thanks to the IVF doctors’ language skills in Mexico, you will be able to communicate effectively and clearly without any communication barriers.

IVF doctors in Cancun are English-speaking and foreign-friendly individuals, as most of them have either been trained or educated in the US.      

About the City of Cancun

Cancun Culinary Delights:  

From beach-side dining to succulent street food, Cancun culinary scene has got it all! Fine dining is dispensed on Avenida Bonampak offering an opulent variety of restaurants and delightful bistros.
At upscale restaurants in Cancun sometimes pants, skirts or dresses are required.  

Parque de Las Palapas is an excellent venue to get a taste of the local Mexican cuisine. If you prefer places more on the cheaper side, El Centro’s Avenida Yaxchilan caters to budget travelers.    

For fish fanatics, head to the city center where you can find fresh seafood and traditional fare at Mercado Veinticho.

Cancun Luxury Lodges:  One of the most notably luxury hotels in Cancun is the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach. The hotel is an imposing, sleek establishment that will take you by surprise with its large suites, sculptures and glass skylights.

Immerse yourself in infinitive luxe marked by marble floors, sunken living rooms and breezy balconies overlooking Bahia de Mujeres. Relax in a 10,000-square foot spa offering hydrotherapy session and grand pool surround by exotic flower lawn.  

Budget hotels in Cancun hotels are accessible online to make reservations ahead of time. Online booking agencies such as and offer 10 to 20 percent on room rates.

Beast Beaches in Cancun

Unwind and surrender to the sensual beauty of Cancun’s beaches. Take your pick from pink sandy beaches that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and forever changed.

Playa Ballenas:
The beach is a sizzling stretch of sand and azure-blue waters at 14.5, easily accessible between Le Meridien Cancun Resort & Spa and Cancun Palace. Playa Ballenas is best for banana-boat rides, parasailing and jet skiing.

Playa Cabana Beach Club:
This beach takes the faith of sun worshiping seriously. Choose from 32 beach cabanas outfitted with misting machines and a personalized sound system. Playa Cabana Beach Club offer multilevel swimming pool, sundeck, restaurant and sushi bar.

Playa Delfines Beach:
Here you can take surfing lessons on a clear day. Playa Delfines beach is one of the best places for seclusion and meditation. It is located near Ruinas del Rey at Km 18, where Boulevard Kukulcan curves into a hill, overlooking a hypnotizing view of the ocean. The beach is one of the few shores you can behold four shades of blue in the water making a dip or swim an offer you can’t refuse.

The echoes of the ocean singing, crashing waves and ethereal atmosphere in Cancun will ease the stress and anxiety that most patients endure while undergoing IVF procedure.

Mexico is one of the most affordable, accessible fertility tourist destinations to provide a relaxing treatment for patients looking to combine sandy beaches and fertility care.



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