Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Reveals Keys to Excellence in Patient Satisfaction

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07/09/2015 | By: Guest Contributor

The top plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Ronaldo Passalini in Brazil has revealed the keys to gaining excellence in quality and patient satisfaction. The partnered medical provider attributes commitment, teamwork, and dedication — as the top sources for the clinic’s high quality and patient satisfaction.

According to the statistics from ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), more than 23 million cosmetic and non-surgical procedures were performed in 2013. Edging out the United States, Brazil now ranks as the top country performing the most cosmetic surgeries.

The prominent cosmetic surgery center in Brazil is contributing to these growing numbers. The clinic offers a broad range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, neck and face lift surgery, and vaginoplasty, as well as non-surgical procedures such as Botox.

Trending — Brazilians Desire to Look Good

The number of cosmetic surgeries performed in Brazil increased over 130 percent between 2009 and 2015. Beauty standards and the media’s influence over such high standards has tempted many women — and men — to turn to plastic surgery procedures.

The locality and the culture are also important factors, as the pressure to look good has pushed Brazilians to continually up-date their appearance. The most popular plastic surgery procedures being performed in Brazil are liposuction, breast implants, abdominoplasty, vaginoplasty, lip augmentation, and facial rejuvenation.

Responding to the many satisfied patients, Dr. Ronaldo stated, “I love what I do and I realize when a patient demonstrates their satisfaction with my work it inspires me to better serve my patients.”

World-Class Plastic Surgery in Brazil

Committed to patient safety, world-class results, and compassionate care — Dr. Ronaldo and his dedicated team of professionals ensure patients the highest quality surgical result, and the most comfortable and convenient experience.

Dr. Ronaldo brings the comfort, safety and convenience of a plastic surgery center to a very beautiful setting in Rio de Janeiro. The clinic holds a deep understanding for the significant impact that physical image has in life, and gives each patient a commitment to not only help them achieve their desires, but also to never lose sight of the emotional well-being of each patient.

When asked about the partnership with Dr. Ronaldo Passalini, Patient Facilitator Director, Amy Saracoglu stated, "We proudly partner with an exclusive group of highly-trained medical professionals around the globe that give patients the precise, honest and superior medical treatment they deserve. Partnering with Dr. Ronaldo Passalini is no exception — the clinic represents a further, effective phase in the solid execution of our philosophy."


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