Plastic Surgery Beyond Borders in Mexico

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01/10/2012 | By: Guest Contributor

Mexico is best-known as an American south-of-the-border beach vacation; a place where sun always shines and the beach always shimmers!

In the last few years, Mexico's popularity has extended beyond the borders of the US and Canada to European travelers and across-the-pond medical tourists- lured by not only the beach culture but also plastic surgery in Mexico.

Today European medical tourists are sharing a piece of the Mexican pie with US travelers-who already consider Mexico a federal US state. American travelers are accustomed to crossing borders to Mexico for any purpose or seasonal occasion; be it spring break, Christmas, cosmetic surgery, or even a delightful day trip.

According to the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, in 2009, close to 8 million people went to Mexico for some type of plastic surgery or some other type health care.

To holiday goers and plastic surgery patients, Mexico is undoubtedly the most affordable destination; given its close proximity, high exchange rates and low-administrative costs.

The quality offered by US-board certified and English speaking plastic surgeons in Mexico match, or sometimes surpass, American and EU medical standards.

Plastic surgery Mexico clinics are equipped with the latest cosmetic surgery technology to deliver successful and satisfactory results.

A Washington advocacy group for health-care issues has reported that about 90 percent feel the care they had received in Mexico had been good or excellent. About 80 percent rated the care they had received in the United States as good or excellent.

Hard-hit European Economy, half-priced Plastic Surgery Mexico:
The hard-hit economy and the rising cost of living in Europe have left hundreds of patients on waiting list without treatment. Its been reported that some patients in Greece even bribe their way to get their surgery done on schdule. 

According to, “It has gotten to the point where the hallways of Greek hospitals are plastered with those circular no-smoking signs, with the red slash through the middle, except that the lit cigarette has been replaced by a stuffed envelope.”

When it comes to plastic surgery in Europe; it is considered a luxury even by the well-do patients. Despite the economic crisis that is plaguing Europe, it is still more cost-effective for an average European to travel for plastic surgery in Mexico, combining a memorable vacation with a high quality cosmetic treatment.

With the favorable exchange rate of the Euro against the Peso, it is significantly affordable for many European medical tourists to travel for plastic surgery Mexico, including air tickets, hotel accommodation and personal expenses.

Patients- US or European- are spoiled for treatment options when traveling to Mexico for aesthetic surgery. Mexican plastic surgery clinics offer the world's best body contouring treatments, as well as facial enhancement procedures.

A large number of US patients suffering from weight problems seek tummy tuck in Mexico and liposuction in Mexico that aim at removing pockets of fat cells from the body to give patients a slimmer and smoother figure.

Facial rejuvenating treatments in Mexico offer patients youthful and natural looking results. Many US senior citizens who make Mexico their home after retirement opt for the multiple face surgery options available.

Face lift surgery in Mexico is a facial surgery designed to eliminate undesired symptoms of age, facial fat, creases under the lower eyelids and loose skin.

Fortunately, Mexico is conveniently located right below the US, covering most of the Southern states and within a few hours drive.

Plastic surgery in Cancun offers patients from New Orleans, Houston and the rest of Texas the same quality cosmetic surgery quality offered elsewhere in Mexico.

While visiting Mexico for plastic surgery, Guadalajara is another must-see city famous for its exotic cuisine, an enjoyable climate, unique music, and a wealth of history.

Plastic surgery Guadalajara boasts exclusive medical tourism packages with discounted offers that include private transportation, luxe accommodations and full-time patient care.

US patients are not concerned about a Europe-style recession as far as health care and plastic surgery are concerned. Mexico will always remain America's top provider for affordable plastic surgery procedures --boasting beauty beyond borders.


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