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Elaen Plastic Surgery Center Puerto Vallarta Verified

Elaen Plastic Surgery Center Puerto Vallarta offers patients the latest in medical technology and unsurpassed dedication to patient satisfaction. Our services include plastic surgery for the face, body, and breasts — as well as skin rejuvenation and hair transplantation. Our goal is to continually pursue excellence in plastic surgery and hair loss treatments.

Wonderful. Very skilled at the procedures I had. I would highly recommend this clinic and either of the doctors.
February 2022
Still in healing process, but doing well.
January 2022
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My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery Verified

My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery is a leading plastic surgery provider in Mexico that aims to offer the highest standards of aesthetic treatments and medical tourism service in North America.

It was an absolutely amazing experience from beginning to end. I’m extremely pleasedwith the results.
February 2020
I’m writing to share my experience with My Medical Vacations in Cancun Mexico. From the time I arrived with my husband, Katie Ana and Betty took excellent care of us. We were picked up from the airport taken to all of my medical appointments. I had some concerns about surgery and Betty spoke with me in detail and addressed all my concerns and fears. I felt conformable – safe in their care and in Cancun. I had Blepharoplasty with Dr. Torres and Rhinoplasty with Dr. Montalvo, both surgeons were excellent and truly skilled at their craft. I had daily post-surgical visit from Ana our sweet nurse, who came to our hotel to make sure I was healing properly. My overall experience was wonderful and I absolutely love my results. I´m planning on coming back in the future. I highly recommend My Medical Vacations to anyone considering cosmetic surgery in Cancun. You´ll be in excellent hands. Than you all for your care and support. All the best, Karma Shanti Virginia-USA
July 2018
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BM Plastic Surgery Verified

After completing her Fellowship with one of Mexico's world renowned surgeons, Dr. Isabel Balza Mirabal, opened her private practice BM Plastic Surgery, where she continues to provide deeply rewarding work of improving others’ lives. The procedures are completed in the Baja Plastic Surgery Tijuana’s most advanced medical facility, CER Hospital in Baja California, Mexico.

What You Need to Know

For decades, plastic surgery has been a popular way to change or enhance different parts of the face and body. Some patients only want to be nipped and tucked a little, while other patients seek a total-body transformation. Regardless of the various procedures you are considering, cost is always a major factor in deciding whether or not to go through with it. Mexico plastic surgery has recently become a top location for medical tourists in North America, Canada and other parts of the world. Patients are able to receive quality treatments for at least half the cost of identical procedures in the United States and Europe. The country’s warm, sunny climate also makes it a very attractive option to consider. Resort-style clinics offer a unique experience for medical tourists: top-quality medical care, with all of the technologies and comforts back home, plus a heavenly location to recover from surgery in style and luxury.

Every year, thousands of medical tourists travel south of the border to undergo cosmetic surgery in Mexico. Clinics often help international patients through every aspect of the process. Everything from transportation to recovery is taken care of in order to provide the highest level of comfort for patients who have traveled from abroad. English-speaking plastic surgeons are highly experienced and committed to achieving top-quality results in all of their patients. Many of them are trained by the best institutions in the United States and often focus mainly on the care of international patients. They work with the latest surgical methods and equipment to ensure patients obtain outstanding results. Clinics offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of every patient.

Breast implants is very popular amongst international patients. There is more to Mexico than the capital: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara are the most visited cities, offering top-of-the-line plastic surgery clinics and multi-lingual surgeons. In Cancun, it is another important reason for the influx of medical tourists, owning to the city’s large number of high qualified specialists and state-of-the-art health care. In Puerto Vallarta, it is also high in demand among US medical tourists and local residents alike. While recovering, patients have the rare opportunity to rest up while overlooking some of the most beautiful views in the world. Mexico’s white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, and breathtaking sunsets create the perfect backdrop for a memorable vacation. Superior plastic surgeons, top-of the line clinics, and technologically advanced methods are reason enough to consider Guadalajara as their city of choice. Add in first-class patient care and a beautiful setting to recover in, and it’s easy to see why medical tourists travel across the globe for this surgery in Mexico each year.


Health care prices are steadily rising and showing no signs of stopping. As far as plastic surgery in US is concerned; it is considered an elective, discretionary treatment that is rarely covered by medical insurance. That’s when Mexico comes to the rescue. A close-to-home option for an affordable, high quality aesthetic solutions; it offers a wide array of inexpensive facial and body procedures.

Liposuction is a great option for many patients looking to target specific areas of their body where undesired fat is deposited resulting in a firmer, smoother and well-proportionate definition of your body.

Nose Surgery is an integral part of facial surgery procedure designed to treat a variety of nasal problems- both aesthetic and functional. Many US patients experiencing difficulty in breathing, birth defects, drooping nose travel for nose surgery in Mexico.

Tummy Tuck:Men and women suffering from sagging abdominal skin and excessive fat due to a recent weight loss or bypass operation can benefit from it,

Facelift is a revolutionary facial procedure that is specifically designed to tighten skin in the lower portion of the skin and neck leaving you with youthful facial appearance. 


The cost of plastic surgery in Mexico is a major reason why people choose to travel to undergo their operations in here. While saving money, patients get to relax and enjoy a vacation at the same time. The reasonable cost is definitely an added bonus. With financial savings around 50 percent, plastic surgery in Mexico is a wise choice when considering your  options.

The reduced cost of living in Mexico also means that the expenses on hotels and tourism do not significantly add to your overall costs of treatment. In London, the cost would be around the same at the total cost of travel to Mexico, lodging, exploring the country, and the cosmetic procedure itself!