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My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery is a leading plastic surgery provider in Mexico that aims to offer the highest standards of aesthetic treatments and medical tourism service in North America.

Hello, Everyone! Tomorrow I go home after a surgery I stressed so much about having away from home. What a relief to know my worries were for nothing. All of you, Betty, Ana, Alex, Paco and of course Dr. Samano took the utmost care to everything I needed before and after. I might add the family and Friends stressed even more than I did, and I was the one having surgery!! Betty talked to them personally and answer all their questions as well. Thank you so much to everyone helping achieve a goal I wanted a very long time.
July 2017
From the very first contact I had with MyMedical Vacations (Katie), via the MyMedical Vacations website portal, was so helpful. Katie’s professionalism, punctuality in responding to requests, questions, and her knowledge of all to do with the procedures and the area was beyond exemplary. Katie also provided information and contacts required for hotel arrangements. For example, Katie went to great lengths to find me a travel agent to help arrange with my hotel that I wanted to stay in after my surgery and all other necessary things to get me there. I was also provided information on all aspects of the procedures, the information regarding appointments and processes and payments. After I arrived in Cancun I was promptly met at the airport, quickly taken to my hotel where reservations had been made for me…. then I started meeting the team. The team is with you for all appointments, lab work, trips to the office visits, hospital. I cannot say enough good things about everyone of the team that I met. Paco, Bettye, and Ana (my nurse). Everyone went above and beyond for me. I felt safe and never had to worry about anything. It made my whole trip worry free. I will use them again the very near future.
July 2017
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Plastic Surgery Cancun

With Hollywood stars leading the way, many individuals all over the world are on a quest for physical perfection. Whether it’s the effects of aging, a birth defect, or just simple dissatisfaction with your appearance, plastic surgery is a very popular option to enhance your look and improve your self-esteem.

As an alternative to the escalating healthcare cost in the US, more individuals are becoming medical tourists by traveling all over the world for their plastic surgery procedures. For patients in North America and some parts of Europe, one of the most visited treatment destinations is plastic surgery is Mexico. Cancun is the most famous because of its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and world-class plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in Cancun is world renowned for its superior plastic surgeons, plastic surgery clinics, and affordable cost. Plastic surgeons in Cancun strive to be the best in the world. Many of them are educated in top schools in the United States and Europe, and have the skills to prove it. Because of their international experience, plastic surgeons in Cancun cater especially to foreign patients. Plastic surgery clinics in Cancun offer exclusive amenities to international patients, including private transportation, plush accommodations and top-of-the-line patient care.

 Along with top plastic surgeons and healthcare facilities, it is also the ideal place to recover from your plastic surgery in Cancun.

As one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Caribbean coast, Cancun, Mexico has a lot to offer for every kind of traveler. Whether you prefer to spend the day on the heavenly beaches, swim with dolphins, golf the day away or shop till you drop, Cancun has something for everyone.

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Cancun

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Mexico are focused on on personalized treatment. Tummy tuck in Cancun is one of the most popular treatments; for Cancun’s exceptionally low-cost prices and its secluded location. The second most popular treatment is breast implants in Cancun. Many patients who want to target specific fat areas of the body opt for liposuction in Cancan

Mexico clinics equally cater to patients seeking facial surgery treatments. Facelift surgery in Cancun attempts to improve your facial appearance and eliminate visible signs of facial aging.

Another attractive facial treatment in Mexico is nose surgery in Cancun, which intends to refine the shape of the nose and bring your nose into perfect proportion with your face.


Sights to See in Cancun

For recovering from plastic surgery in Cancun, the warm sunny climate is perfect for total peace and relaxation.

The beaches are the biggest draw in Cancun, Mexico with the brilliant warm turquoise waves. Take a tour on the Atlantis Submarine to discover the underworld. Experience a fantastic exploit in the incredible Riviera Maya.

Visit the majestic Mayan ruins beholding fluent magnificent cultures. Cancun offers a truly stunning mixture of over 200 restaurants. Take dinner to the waters with The Captain Hook cruise focused on pirates and sword fights, exciting music and a romantic atmosphere to enjoy dinner.

Many plastic surgery clinics in Cancun also have medical spas on site, which facilitate the healing process, while rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. Patients who choose to visit Cancun will have an experience that just can’t be compared to undergoing plastic surgery back home.