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It was an absolutely amazing experience from beginning to end. I’m extremely pleasedwith the results.
February 2020
I’m writing to share my experience with My Medical Vacations in Cancun Mexico. From the time I arrived with my husband, Katie Ana and Betty took excellent care of us. We were picked up from the airport taken to all of my medical appointments. I had some concerns about surgery and Betty spoke with me in detail and addressed all my concerns and fears. I felt conformable – safe in their care and in Cancun. I had Blepharoplasty with Dr. Torres and Rhinoplasty with Dr. Montalvo, both surgeons were excellent and truly skilled at their craft. I had daily post-surgical visit from Ana our sweet nurse, who came to our hotel to make sure I was healing properly. My overall experience was wonderful and I absolutely love my results. I´m planning on coming back in the future. I highly recommend My Medical Vacations to anyone considering cosmetic surgery in Cancun. You´ll be in excellent hands. Than you all for your care and support. All the best, Karma Shanti Virginia-USA
July 2018
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Cheek Implants in Mexico

As we age, the amount of soft tissue in the face decreases, leaving many people with a sunken-in look. Numerous men and women turn to plastic surgery procedures in order to reshape and refresh the look of their face. Fat transfers and fillers are both popular solutions to enhance the facial bone structure, but if you are looking for a permanent way to take years off your face, check implants might be the answer. Thousands of adult patients in all age groups choose to undergo cheek implant plastic surgery every year. Younger patients may seek out cheek implant surgery in order to achieve higher cheekbones, which are considered to be more fashion-forward in appearance. Patients with underdeveloped cheekbones or birth defects also might like to create a more desirable balance in the face, and cheek implants often produce very promising results.

Cheek implants are generally performed by plastic surgery Mexico experts in about an hour’s time. The plastic surgeon makes two incisions inside the mouth, and inserts the cheek implants on or below the cheekbone. Because the incisions are made on the interior of the mouth, there is no visible scarring whatsoever. Cheek implants are normally combined with other plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic surgeons in Mexico who specialize in cheek implants are often educated on an international scale, which is advantageous for foreign patients. Not only are they multilingual, speaking Spanish, English and many times one or two other languages, but so many qualified plastic surgeons in Mexico concentrate especially on treating medical tourists.

Plastic surgery clinics in Mexico use the latest technologies to perform check implants plastic surgery. Medical equipment and surgical methods are world-class, which ensures patients will get a result that they will love. Exclusive medical tourist packages are offered by many plastic surgery clinics in Mexico. Every detail of a patient’s stay is covered, from transportation, to lux accommodations, to around the clock care. When patients are finished with their cheek implants procedure in Mexico, they have the rare opportunity to recover from plastic surgery in a heavenly setting.

Sights to See in Mexico

Mexico is an energetic and tasteful country for every visitor, young and old. It offers a varied terrain with gorgeous white sanded beaches and tropical rainforests.

Visit the stone remnants of Mexican civilization throughout Mexico and Central America. Chichen Itza, with its celebrated pyramids and temples, is the Yucatan's most visited site.

No trip is complete without time spent in Santo Domingo, offering a beautiful array of sights including the San Cristobal's churches.

Work up an appetite for a blazing stop at Izote, channeled by an elegant setting. The food is prepared using local ingredients such as yucca flower, cactus, and corn flour. This hotspot is famous for lobster enchiladas and barbecue lamb.

Aquamarina Beach Resort offers great entertainment and world-class accommodations. Use the resorts kayaks and paddleboats for a romantic and peaceful night away from the glitz and glamour.

Cost of Cheek Implants in Mexico

Many patients choose to undergo other procedures like face lift, neck lift, chin implants or nose surgery at the same time in order to further compliment the cheek implants. The cost of cheek implants can average anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 in the United States and Europe. Because of this high price, many patients are turning to medical tourism for a more affordable alternative. One of the top locations amongst North American and some European medical tourists is Mexico.

Cheek implants in Mexico are performed by qualified plastic surgeons, with the highest medical standards, but the cost is more affordable, at about half the price of the same treatment in the US. Medical tourists who travel for cheek implant surgery also have access to some of the most beautiful locations to recover in. Cities like Cancun, Los Cabos, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana are already highly visited vacation destinations, so it’s easy to see why they are also very popular with medical tourists.

This beautiful country has a wide variety of landscapes to choose from; plastic surgery clinics in Mexico are located everywhere, from the mountains to the sparkling tropical beaches. With so many benefits for medical tourists, choosing to undergo cheek implants in Mexico might be a smart step if you are looking for world-class doctors, the best plastic surgery clinics, in a gorgeous environment, all for a very affordable price.