Increase in Americans Turning to Medical Tourism

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09/18/2014 | By: Guest Contributor

While the Affordable Care Act was designed to benefit and support Americans, individuals continue to find themselves fighting a battle — alone.

The setback for Americans today still remains in the cost of healthcare, which varies widely from one clinic to the next. Today, more Americans are taking the leap to go beyond state and national boundaries to find providers abroad that offer health services that are both readily accessible and economically feasible.

Many countries across the globe — including Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Belgium, and Turkey — are becoming more competitive and developing their own health tourism strategy. Although the exact market size of the medical tourism market is difficult to predict, a recent Frost & Sullivan study predicts the market at nearly $50 to $65 billion dollars in 2014, growing at approximately 20 percent.

Passport to Savings with Quality Care Abroad

Over 1 million Americans are traveling abroad for medical tourism procedures and treatments — and receiving world-class care from specialists in the fields of infertility, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, laser eye surgery, orthopedic surgery, hair transplantation, weight loss surgery, heart surgery and cancer care.

Beyond the expertise from accredited international hospitals and doctors, medical tourism gives patients the opportunity for substantial savings — in some cases, nearly 80 percent.

Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association, stated, “lower labor costs, fewer third-party payments, price transparency, limited malpractice liability and streamlined regulations are among the reasons foreign hospitals have become more appealing to U.S. patients.”

Turkey Thriving on the Medical Tourism Scene

As a prominent provider in the medical tourism industry, has created a streamlined methodology to top healthcare destinations around the globe. The approach includes educational information on medical branches, treatments, costs, and destinations.

In a recent press release, CEO and Founder of, Tolga Umar, stated “At we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of medical tourism, and we strive to work with innovative providers. Our ongoing commitment to medical tourism in Turkey defies convention and invites patients to experience medical treatments in an unexpected way.”

Turkey is home to many of the world’s most progressive plastic surgeons, expert dental surgeons, and world-class hair transplant doctors — who are dominating the European and Middle-East markets.

With expert doctors, modernized hospitals, and affordable healthcare options in Turkey, patients feel comforted, safe, and most importantly — see stunning results. 


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