Travel and Plastic Surgery in Exotic Philippines

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12/20/2011 | By: Guest Contributor

Plastic surgery is one of the world's most performed treatments, with more patients traveling thousands of miles each year in pursuit of beauty and perfection.

Asia claims the highest per capita rate of cosmetic plastic surgery in the world, boasting top quality treatments for face, body, breast and skin.

While Thailand may be an arbitrary answer to plastic surgery in South East Asia, the Philippines is succeeding in stealing the spotlight from Thailand and other big players in the Asian plastic surgery industry.

A precedent pioneer in tourism, Philippines is well-established on world tourism map, among popular travel destinations- attracting hundreds of travelers from neighboring Asia, Australia and farther from Europe and the US.

Philippines has raised its medical tourism bar higher, not only offering plastic surgery procedures to international travel tourists but other health-related services are also available in world-class hospitals and health care centers.

According to Phil, “Medical transcription services in the Philippines were able to generate an income of about $94 million for the country last year.”

Plastic surgery Philippines incorporates all components of a first-world aesthetic surgery provider in Asia. Plastic surgeons in the Philippines are rated among the best and skilled medical practitioners- graduated from top universities in the Philippines and many of them have practiced cosmetic surgery in the US and Latin America.

Catering to the increasing interest in plastic surgery by the Asian population, plastic surgeons in Philippines are addressing the need to change some of the Asian unique features, such as the eyelids- while preserving their ethnic identity and enhancing individual beauty.

Manila- the capital of the Philippines- is the country's most populous and metropolitan cities. Cosmetic clinics, hospitals and medical institutions are concentrated in Manila and also has the highest numbers of board-certified plastic surgeons in the Philippines.

Many US patients are now choosing plastic surgery Philippines for body contouring treatments, such as tummy tuck and buttock implants to enhance and streamline their figure. Tummy tuck Philippines and buttock implants Philippines are the most requested and commonly performed treatments in plastic surgery Manila clinics.

The Philippines was a former British and Spanish colony, hence English is widely spoken by almost all medical personnels and local citizens in the Philippines.

In addition to the Philippines top cosmetic surgeons and health care specialists, it is the perfect playground for affordable plastic surgery and an exciting beach vacation. Philippines is an oasis of greenery and natural beauty, offering 7, 107 islands, colorful history and a mesmerizing mixture of Spanish and Asian cultures.

The Philippines will continue to appeal to international medical tourists and plastic surgery patients – and with more projects underway to improve the continent's health care infrastructure, the Philippines has more to offer to the health care market.


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