Top Ten Countries Giving Medical Tourism a Boost

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10/07/2014 | By: Guest Contributor

Are you considering traveling abroad for simple healthcare procedures or surgery? Many individuals today cannot afford the healthcare options provided in their home country and are considering medical tourism destinations to meet their needs.

From South America to Asia and Eastern Europe, medical tourism firms around the globe indorse less expensive health care costs to attract foreign patients. is helping patients overcome the problematic Affordable Care Act with an influx of treatment destinations for top medical services, including plastic surgery, infertility, cosmetic dentistry, and weight loss surgery.

Spotlight — Top Ten Countries

Nearly seven million people travel abroad each year looking for every conceivable sort of medical treatment under the sun. Insider Monkey has put together a list of the top 10 countries travelers are seeking medical procedures.


At the top of the list, Thailand hosts the largest amount of medical tourists with a wide range of health care services, from cosmetic surgery to rehabilitation treatment services. Thailand’s rehabilitation clinics are both safe and private, with exemplary services and low costs.


Statistics show that over 70 percent of US medical tourists in Mexico come from Arizona, California and Texas with the most common treatments being cosmetic dentistry and weight loss surgery. With the current mandated US healthcare insurance and rising costs, this number is projected to dramatically increase.

United States —

With nearly 800,000 medical tourists each year, the health care facilities and professionals in the United States are among the best in the world.

Singapore —

Singapore has become a thriving destination for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Singapore is home to some of the world’s finest medical facilities, including 22 JCI accredited facilities, modern healthcare institutions and a $300 million biotechnology research center.

India —

India continues to be a popular medical tourism destination for orthopedic and cardiac procedures. India comprises of top private hospitals with modernized services. However, the country lacks in many internationally accredited hospitals.

Malaysia —

Medical tourists are seeking services in Malaysia because of its first-class medical facilities and international expertise, and considerably low costs. More and more burn victims are seeking expert care in Malaysia.


Already designated the most popular destination in South America, an increasing amount of tourists are seeking to have plastic surgery in Brazil. With more than 4,500 licensed plastic surgeons, Brazil is providing surgery at 60 percent less when compared to the cost of the same procedures in the US.


With medical tourism on the rise in Turkey, patients are primarily visiting Turkey the restructured JCI accredited hospitals and a cost of 60 percent less than US medical procedures.

Taiwan —

With a total of 22 JCI accredited health care facilities, Taiwan offers medical services with costs that are 50 percent lower than those in the US.

Costa Rica

World-class dental care and surgical procedures are giving Costa Rica a spot in the medical tourism industry.

Mexico and Medical Tourism reports that American patients traveling to Mexico has increased by more than 40 percent since 2012.

In a recent press release, CEO and Founder of stated, “We are extremely proud to have a relationship with medical providers in Mexico. They are consistent with our strategic goals of providing healthcare to everyone, not just a select group of individuals. Today, the American health insurance market comprises of high barriers to overcome. Our providers recognize this obstacle, and work persistently to improve this sensitive matter.”

The company is exceeding the expectations of patients seeking accessible and affordable destinations for medical care — with an extensive list of providers in destinations around the globe.


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