Can Hungary Become the Top Medical Tourism HotSpot

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04/29/2015 | By: Guest Contributor

Conveniently located for European medical tourists, Hungary has become a reliable destination for cosmetic surgery and dental treatments. Budapest is not only a stunning destination for holidays, but also a flagship destination for health and wellness.

Backed by heavily government-supported healthcare systems, dental clinics and plastic surgery clinics in Budapest are finding great success in the medical tourism industry. Some of the top medical providers are reporting significantly increased revenue growth in the first quarter of 2015.

In a recent interview, Brandie Umar, Executive Director of, stated, “As a result of our substantial investment into Hungarian medical providers, we are benefiting from their strong portfolio of experience with international patients. In combination with our systematic software that includes proficiency measurement, we are targeting persistence profitable growth in 2015 for all of our partnered medical providers.”

Leading Plastic Surgeon in Hungary

As one of the world’s leading plastic surgery clinics, Medical Aesthetic Center Boulevard in Budapest offers patients  years of continuous cosmetic surgery experience and a reputation built on a high-standard of personalized, patient care.

The plastic surgeons of Medical Aesthetic Center Boulevard are dedicated to providing the latest in cosmetic surgery technology and the highest level of professionalism. The clinic offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the face, neck and décolletage rejuvenation. Patient are able to find assurance and security with the clinic, as the chief medical director, Dr. Papp Ildikó, is an internationally recognized expert in facial aesthetics.

Dr. Papp Ildikó has not only developed a reputation of excellence in aesthetic surgery, but the volume of cosmetic procedures performed continues to grow.

Affordable Dental Treatment Budapest

While Hungarian medical tourism is vastly represented by devoted plastic surgeons, leading dental surgeons are also pushing the medical industry forward in Hungary. Maintaining a healthy smile positively affects the way you look and feel about yourself.

The celebrated HQ Dental Clinic in Budapest offers an advanced range of experience in cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry, surgery, periodontology, orthodontics and more. The highly experienced team of dentists, hygienists and dental assistants take the time to accurately evaluate and treat your dental health needs. Many international patients find HQ Dental treatment convenient, practical, and affordable.

Budapest’s premier dental clinic, Crystal Dental Clinic, offers patients the very best in personalized and comprehensive dental care. The clinic was designed in a way to ensure patient comfort and convenience — offering panoramic views of Elizabeth square. Top treatments at the dental clinic in Hungary include dental veneers, dental crowns, dental fillings and bridges.


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