Spain Medical Tourism Attracting Brits and Russians Alike

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03/21/2013 | By: Guest Contributor

There are so many reasons to visit Spain. A country comprising of sizzling stretches of sunshine beaches located southwest of Europe. Spain offers a mélange of tantalizing tapas, Flamenco shows, alluring art scene and great gastronomical flair.

Spain has always topped European’s travel charts; however the country has not tapped into the promising industry of health tourism, until recently.  

That is about to change with government support, aggressive advertising and mega projects coming down the pipeline.  

These days many patients are flying to Spain for fertility treatments along the Costa del Sol and to Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, and Seville for outstanding fertility doctors.

Combining sunshine with medical care is an ever-popular phenomenon among Europeans, particularly Britons and Russians.    

UK and Russian medical will be the main target of the ‘Tourism & Health Spain’ campaign on the Costa del Sol. 30 private health clinics and hotel resorts in the area have joined forces to attract foreign tourists who wish to go to Malaga for medical reasons.

The project was officially launched during the Fitur international tourism trade show, held in Madrid.

British and Russian citizens find Spanish doctors and surgeons very skilled and qualified as they are required to train a total of at least six years for general practice and another five years for a specialized practice.

Spanish physicians are also registered with the General Medical Council in England. The strategic location of Spain puts it in a favorable position for European and US travelers.

Many Spanish doctors are also registered with the General Medical Council in Great Britain.

The proximity of Spain to England and to the United States makes it one of the more popular destinations for medical tourism. Travel time from New York City or Barcelona is 8 hours.

The World Health Care Organization has ranked Spain as the seventh best health care in the world.

One important factor that helped Spain achieve this coveted spot in the European health care market is the fact that hospitals and medical centers are adequately equipped with modern technology and sophisticated medical infrastructure.

Some of the most popular procedures for medical tourism purposes include plastic surgery Marbella and IVF Alicante.

IVF clinics in Seville focus on providing a warm, caring environment with friendly and knowledgeable doctors to provide you the service you deserve when it comes to a something as blissful as creating new life.  

One of the most pioneering fertility treatments in Europe is offered egg donation Spain programs.

Egg donation Spain is a very successful option for building a family because it has higher success rates than IVF cycles using a woman’s own eggs.

Spain has more than 750 hospitals and a multitude of clinics exclusively catering to medical tourists, all of which are monitored by the Spanish Health Ministry.

Spanish medical centers employ English-speaking doctors and offer interpreters. English patients can choose to be treated by a doctor with affiliations to the General Medical Council in Great Britain.

Most medical surgeries performed in Spain cost far less than the same treatments operated in the US or Europe.

A facelift in Spain costs roughly USD 6,065- USD 6,823, which is far less than the price of a face-life in the Britain and US.

An upcoming colossal project is underway with a new and unique concept. Project Illum is a concept to take over an abandoned hotel and spa development in Jafre, Spain and transform it into a wellness center. The project aims to attract resources, skills and engage with potential contributors.

It will be a wellness and healing center with thermal baths using the water from the ancient natural healing spring with a medication pavilion and beautiful gardens.

Illum will also feature a 97 suit residential facility with gym, spa and other recreational health and wellness facilities—which will be completed in 2015.

Stan Colders, founder of Project Illum says, ''It is a big project, but the reward of putting Jafre back on the map as a healing centre and what that would do for the villagers.

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