Spain Assisting Couples Struggling with Infertility

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01/21/2014 | By: Guest Contributor

Spain has become of the most prevalent fertility destinations in the world because of its extensive selection of infertility treatments extending from basic infertility care to the most advanced in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology available today. 

With international recognition for clinical excellence and advanced research in the field of reproductive medicine, fertility clinics in Spain are dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream of having a baby.

CARE Surrogacy

CARE Surrogacy

San Diego, California, USA
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LIV Fertility Center

LIV Fertility Center

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
4,75 | Reviews
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CARE Mexico

CARE Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
4,93 | Reviews
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Traveling to Spain is reasonably easy for residents of the UK or Ireland and the cultural adjustments are insignificant.

Infertility Specialists Helping You Build Your Family

Searching for the right infertility doctor can be a daunting task when you are probing for a fertility center that can accommodate your needs — from costs to inclusive support. Not only do you want a doctor who is skilled in many different areas of infertility concerns, but also someone who is confident that you will reach your goal of building a family.

Gravida Advanced Fertility in Barcelona is a leading fertility center offering wide-ranging treatments in assisted reproduction. Founded under the support of Assistència Sanitària, a prominent leader in the health sector in Catalonia for over 50 years, Gravida is devoted to the offering patient’s consistency, expertise and principles.

“Our fundamental principle offers patients all over the globe an exceptional level of care while placing the best technological infrastructure at your disposal. Our sole objective is to provide fully personalized treatment to help your dream of becoming parents a reality.”  — Gravida Advanced Fertility in Barcelona

Top fertility centers in Spain have reached unprecedented success with IVF treatments, including IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination), IUI with Sperm Donation, Natural Cycle IVF, IVF with ICSI, Egg Donation IVF, Tandem IVF Cycle, IVF with Donor Sperm, Embryo Adoption & Donation, Egg and Embryo Freezing, Sperm Freezing, Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle, and Microdissection TESE.

Why Choose Spain for Infertility Care?

--Top fertility treatment centers in the world

--Personalized patient care with countless years of experience

--State-of-the-art clinical labs, medical and surgical equipment

--Commitment to succeed in complex infertility cases

--Continued research in the field of fertility medicine

--Several locations throughout Spain

--Compassionate fertility specialists

--Prominent gynecologists and embryologists

--Large Egg and Sperm Donor Databases

--High Success Rates

Top fertility doctors in Spain serve patients in the areas of Alicante, Barcelona, Marbella, and Seville. These world-class fertility specialists integrate a variety of supportive treatments with innovative medical techniques to ensure the most successful outcomes.

Spain takes on the challenge of making every situation unique — which allows you to feel relaxed and confident throughout the entire IVF experience.

To receive a personalized, complete treatment plan developed by expert fertility experts, take your next step on the path to parenthood.


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