Outbound Medical Tourism from United States Growing Rapidly

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03/25/2015 | By: Guest Contributor

Medical tourism providers are seeing a rapid growth from US Patients traveling abroad — as the industry is on pace to increase visitors to 500,000 each year by 2020.

And as the number of Americans traveling abroad for medical procedures continues to increase, Patients Beyond Borders estimates that approximately 1.2 million Americans already crossed borders for medical care in 2014, compared to 900,000 Americans in 2013.

Doctors and hospitals overseas are providing patients with low-costs and the assurance of high-quality care. So, just who is bidding for the attention of medical tourists in 2015? Malaysia is a medical tourism destination that must be given serious consideration due to its Western-trained doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, which have received international accreditation.

With doctors and staff speaking English and providing warm hospitality, it’s an experience that many are seeking over and over. Malaysia ranked #4 in “International Living's The World's Best Places to Retire” in 2015, in part because of its top-notch healthcare.

The best destinations for medical tourism in 2015 include countries like Malaysia, India, Turkey, Thailand and Mexico.

Low Cost of Medical Treatment Abroad

The low cost of treatment abroad is the major attraction — while favorable exchange rates and lower cost of living all contribute to reduced prices. Patients can save between 60-80 percent when traveling abroad for alternative healthcare options and medical procedures.  

Patients are traveling for dental treatments, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, IVF, and more complicated procedures requiring extensive experience and professional training. According to data compiled by AARP, a heart bypass in the United States typically runs $88,000. In Costa Rica, it’s significantly less at $31,500. Hip replacement surgery? $33,000 in the States and $12,400 in Thailand.

Reveert Guadalajara has long been America’s favorite travel destination not only for leisure but for affordable plastic surgery as well. While in the Dominican Republic, extensive training at the plastic surgery center of Dr. Tania Medina has brought thousands of patients from all over the world.

Fertility Tourism Making Strides

Because medical insurance infrequently covers IVF in the United States, Americans are looking overseas to build a family. IVF procedures abroad are less expensive and the chance to start a family finally feels attainable.

Mexico does not have laws which restrict or prohibit IVF treatments. Patients are embraced with comfort, assurance, and beautiful surroundings from the very first step. The LIV Fertility Center in Mexico takes it a step further with an IVF-FET Guarantee.

In Europe, IVF law vary. Italy, France, Austria and Portugal allow IVF only for heterosexual couples. Switzerland and Turkey insist that couples be married. Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium and Finland allow assisted reproduction for all including single women and lesbians. Highly-trained infertility specialists at the Maternity Health IVF Clinic in Greece offers unprecedented experience and expertise to treat infertility issues.


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