Lebanon Providing Supportive Infertility Solutions Amongst Conflict

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03/04/2014 | By: Guest Contributor

Beirut, the capital of the Lebanese Republic, is predominantly defined — by virtue of its strategic location — the crossroads between the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe.

In Lebanon, where longstanding tensions between Sunnis and Shiites have been intensified by neighboring conflict, fear has increasingly been on the minds of many. However, the communal commitment of healthcare and infertility clinics in Lebanon particularly, have remained supportive and resilient to help deserving individuals build families.

Everyone deserves the right to understand their reproductive potential and how it affects their reproductive options, regardless of what circumstances surround you — politically, geographically, financially or medically.

Lebanon is privileged to have experienced, compassionate infertility specialists who are committed to the philosophy of supportive and respecting individuals medical and emotional needs.

Compassion, Innovation, and Expertise

Since its creation in 1996, a multidisciplinary Belgian - Lebanese team at the Belgian Lebanese Center for Infertility has offered the most advanced fertility treatments inside state-of-the-art facilities.

The program is a nationally certified reproductive facility in Beirut with experienced IVF physicians who have held leadership roles in IVF medical societies and aim to provide high quality, supportive and personalized care to patients struggling with infertility.

Dr. Mustapha Chaaban is devoted to providing world-class fertility care for local and international patients. The success rates at Belgian Lebanese Center for Infertility exceeds the Lebanese and even the Belgian national averages.

The center implements the following techniques: ovarian stimulation, IVF, natural cycle IVF, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, egg donation, sperm donation, genetic diagnosis (PGD) and sex selection, sperm and egg freezing, embryo freezing, frozen embryo transfer, PESA, TESA, and diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy and laparoscopy and much more.

Dr. Chaaban helps each patient to feel unique — as treatments are tailored to meet their individual needs and specific clinical situation.

Lebanon’s Commitment to Infertility Care

Lebanon filtrates a compassionate and innovative destination for fertility care — and beholds many diverse interdisciplinary teams that share expertise from some of the top programs in the world.

The expertise of infertility specialists in Lebanon is complemented by the commitment and care of an even greater team of professionals, including genetic counselors, psychologists, male reproductive health specialists, quality nurses and a detail-oriented coordinators.

Infertility clinics in Beirut are extremely proud of the exceptional doctorate level embryology staff working in each laboratory to maximize success for all individuals and couples who choose to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Knowledgeable fertility teams in Lebanon and can assist you with all aspects of your journey to parenthood — and make the process as smooth as possible.

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