Dental Implant Prices Drop Throughout Europe

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11/02/2012 | By: Guest Contributor

Cost of dental implants is notoriously high in many parts of world.

Patients in Europe need to dig deep in their pockets to enjoy a long-lasting smile—until recently!

Prices of dental implants offered by dentists in Hungary and dentists Spain are falling dramatically, driving high demand for dental tourism in Europe.

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This trend is not only witnessed in popular dental hubs like Turkey and Cyprus but the UK has also had its fair share of decline in dental implants price.

According to Dental Implant Advisory, prices of dental implants in the UK are declining but are still unaffordable compared to other dental destinations in Europe.

The geographic composition of Europe allows many dental patients to undergo a treatment without an overnight stay.

Major cities are well-connected and serviced by various means of transport including bus lines, low-cost airlines and networked railway system.

Low cost airlines have made splash in the medical and travel industry, which gave rise to the number of international dental patients seeking savings on their smile makeover.

While dental cost drops may rejoice many UK dental patients, others British travelers take pleasure in dental travels combining an affordable dental treatment with refreshing holiday break.

UK Dental Holidays

Warm weather and sandy shores are a major draw for British dental tourists—a welcome excuse to fill a tooth and enjoy the beach.

Dentists Cyprus
The Island of happy sunny smiles is a sought-after destination for many British travelers. Needless to say the sun, warm climate and affordability of cosmetic dentistry in Cyprus make the island a favorite of English travelers.

Dentists Cyprus offer an exclusive variety of dental treatments including dental implants Limassol, dental veneers Nicosia and dental crowns in Kyrenia.  

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Dentists Turkey
As Ataturk once said “How happy is the one who says "I am Turk." You don’t have to become Turk but you can still enjoy an everlasting smile when you travel for dental care in Turkey.

Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum and Izmir have emerged as key cities in Turkey providing outstanding dental services to local and international patients. Sun-seeking British dental tourists travel for dentists Bodrum to take in the sunrays and high quality cosmetic dental treatment.

Special Series: Health and Travel Information for Travelers to Turkey

Dentists Malta
Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean and home to world’s most skilled and artistic cosmetic dentists, Malta is magnificent destination for both medical and leisure tourists. Although the island is eclipsed by other destinations in the Mediterranean, Malta is rapidly becoming an attractive center for British holidaymakers.

Dentists in Malta are board-certified, English speaking medical professionals who provide patients with an array of procedure such as dentures, dental veneers and dental bridges.

Dentists Croatia 
Croatia has taken the world by storm topping must-travel lists of 2012 and voted the third best beach destination in Europe by readers of The Sunday Times Travel Magazine. A short flight from Italy and Greece, Croatia dentists welcomes droves of dental patients to take advantage of reduced prices of dental implants and other cosmetic dental treatments.

Dentists UAE
UAE has a large base of British community and expatriates from South East Asia. Dentists Dubai are known for their foreign-friendly approach and language skills, catering to the diverse population of residents in the UAE.

Dubai is a free-zone city which doesn’t require dental practices to pay tax allowing many doctors to offshore their business in the UAE while providing high quality and low cost dental services.   

Europe has become a prominent hub for dental care and cosmetic dentistry offering more options for patients everyday to save, splurge and smile.

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