Cancer Specialists in Turkey Providing Patient-Focused Care

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08/06/2014 | By: Guest Contributor

Hope is an important role in the arsenal that helps patient fight cancer and it comes from knowing that your professional medical team is proficient and experienced.

Cancer specialists in Turkey recognize that patient’s journeys with cancer begin before they set foot in Istanbul. With an integrated approach and patient-focused care, Turkey is now an international leader for advanced cancer treatment and research.

Istanbul offers medical oncology and hematology services and a full range of support services for cancer patients and delivers compassionate, state-of-the-art, cost-effective, patient based medical care while — distinguishing quality of life as a critical focus.

Cancer care in Turkey underlines that patients deserve respect, honesty, and compassion. The cancer specialists have faith in in making each day the best it can be and treating each patient with every available and suitable treatment option. Receiving treatment in Turkey allows patients to expend every avenue in search of comfort and recovery.

Turkey offers comprehensive treatment options for bladder, brain, colon, kidney, lung, bowel, ovarian, cervical, thyroid, breast, vaginal, and stomach cancers and more.

Spotlight — ROMOY HealthCare Oncology Center

ROMOY Healthcare in Istanbul offers the highest standards in medical treatments for any patients all around the world by combining the most effective treatment method with the lowest cost options.

Experienced cancer specialists at ROMOY combine their extensive knowledge to focus on each patient’s needs. A multi-specialty team takes a unique approach to diagnosis, treatment and follow-ups to ensure that the most up-to-date options and recommendations are offered to patients in a timely and coordinated way.

ROMOY gives patients an ‘at home’ feel — as they are well aware of the difficulties in obtaining expert care in another country. The ROMOY team provides services in English, Arabic, Russian, Georgian, Serbian, Persian, Kurdish, and Albanian.

Aspirin Cutting Cancer Risks

Did you know that aspirin can significantly reduce your risk of cancer? Taking a small daily dose of aspirin each day lessens the risk of developing or dying from bowel, stomach and esophageal cancer.

The latest research provides evidence assessing benefits for taking aspirin for 10 years could cut bowel cancer cases by nearly 35 percent and deaths from the disease by 40 percent. Rates of esophageal and stomach cancer were cut by 30 percent and deaths from these cancers were cut by 35 to 50 percent.

Aspirin was originally developed by drug maker Bayer as an inexpensive, over-the-counter drug generally used to tackle pain and reduce feverish symptoms. The drug reduces the risk of clots forming in blood vessels and can protect against heart attacks and strokes.

To learn more about cancer treatments, find an oncologist near you.


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