Dubai Soaring to the Top of the Medical Tourism Industry

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06/18/2014 | By: Guest Contributor

While Dubai certainly impresses tourists with its tranquility and a medley of fascinating attractions, the city is taking medical tourism to an entirely new-fangled platform.

The vision of medical clinics and hospitals in Dubai is to create an exceptionally impressive health destination as well. With world-class doctors and internationally recognized accreditations, Dubai is soaring to the top of the medical tourism industry.

According to DTCM statistics, the city had a record number of visitors — 10 million — in 2012 and intends to have more than 20 million tourists parading the streets by 2020. Currently, Dubai has over 2,000 medical facilities available to patients.

Spotlight — World-Class Medical Treatments

IVF in Dubai | Infertility specialists in Dubai are continually researching fertility practices, contributing to the highest success rates in the world. Teams of IVF doctors pride themselves on being able to treat even the most difficult cases and play a significant role in the advancement of assisted reproductive medicine. Dubai offers unique, low-cost IVF programs to help more parents reach parenthood than ever before.

The primary goal is to make sure all patients have positive expectations about choosing fertility treatment, most importantly, to meet those expectations with honesty, commitment and compassion.

Plastic Surgery in Dubai | Dubai is one of the top cosmetic surgery destinations in the world. Plastic surgery in Dubai offers contemporary, first-class treatments to patients from around the globe, including the UK and the United States.

The goal of plastic surgeons in Dubai is to not only listen to your concerns and goals — but to ultimately assist you on choosing the right plastic surgery procedure — one that enriches your inner beauty. Dubai plastic surgery clinics offer premier services in facial surgery, breast surgery, and body contouring.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai | Dubai is now the leading hub for patients looking for a new smile — and incredible savings. Cosmetic dentists in Dubai provide patients with a wide range of general, restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to reestablish healthy teeth and maintain beauty and balance to one’s smile.

The elite dentists are experienced in nearly all facets of dentistry. The dental clinics use state-of-the-art technology to treat dental cases with extreme precision, identify dental concerns at early stages, and give patients esteemed confidence.

Advanced Medical Infrastructure

With advanced infrastructure, incredible luxury accommodations, and overwhelmingly low treatment costs, Dubai is alluring patients from all over the world. Now considered to be a major player in medical tourism industry, Dubai offers patients the highest medical standards compared to the USA and UK.

As a unique destination — for both its dynamic business center and an enchanting paradise — Dubai provides all the benefits of a highly developed economy. Among the benefits are:

    --  Low treatment costs

    --  Highly developed transportation infrastructure

    --  State-of-the-art medical facilities

    --  High quality, luxury accommodations

    --  World-class doctors and specialists

    --  Countless restaurants and shops

    --  Multicultural surroundings

With increasing healthcare costs and strenuous hospital waiting times in emergent nations, Dubai has become a flourishing destination.


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