Infertility Tourism Expanding to Exotic Thailand

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05/07/2012 | By: Guest Contributor

Being blessed with the gift of a child is a feeling beyond compare. On the other hand, finding out one of the partners is infertile can be a confusing experience- often met with denial, anger, blame, guilt, despair and, in some cases, jealousy. These feelings are very common in couples struggling with infertility problems, whether it is male infertility or female infertility issues.

The exceeding cost of IVF cycles in developed countries and the long waiting lists are more factors that add up to the already emotional and distressful journey of IVF.

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During the last decade, traveling overseas for infertility treatments has been a growing trend among infertile patients in search of affordable, efficient assisted reproductive solutions.

Thailand enjoys an outstanding reputation for IVF treatments in Asia; thanks to its modern facilities, state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technology and highly educated fertility doctors.

Fertility treatments in Thailand offer high pregnancy success rates surpassing the average success rates of IVF treatments in the US and Europe. Fertility doctors in Thailand use the latest in fertility treatment techniques to treat almost all forms of infertility and to help couples achieve pregnancy at very economical professional fees. IVF specialists in Thailand have a proven track record of excellence and expertise accredited by some of the world’s leading assisted reproduction associations.

Fertility Treatments in Thailand

Couples traveling overseas for fertility clinics in Thailand are assured that they will find the appropriate fertility procedure to fit their medical condition, budget and personal needs.

Fertility clinics in Thailand offer an extensive array of IVF treatments ranging from egg donation, gender selection, PGD and surrogacy.

IVF in Thailand

With years of experience under their belt, IVF specialist in Thailand take pride in being the most reputable reproduction practitioners in all of South East Asia. IVF in Thailand encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of fertility treatments to address male and female infertility issues. IVF in Thailand is a successful and rewarding alternative for those who are having difficulty affording fertility treatment in their home country and creating a family of their own.

Surrogacy in Thailand:

Due to the stringent restrictions on third-party assisted reproduction procedures in the UK and the UK, many prospective parents travel to Thailand for surrogacy to avail of the relaxed IVF and surrogacy laws.
Surrogacy clinics will help you find the right surrogate mother in Thailand and will provide you with the utmost support from the beginning of the procedure all the way till the delivery of your baby.

Egg Donation in Thailand

IVF with egg donation alludes to the process of a patient using donated eggs from another woman to conceive her own pregnancy. Egg donation in Thailand is used to treat female infertility problems by using the eggs of a different woman. Egg donation in Bangkok is a feasible alternative for women suffering from poor ovarian reserve or infertile eggs.

Gender Selection in Thailand

Gender selection in Thailand is chosen by IVF couples for a variety of reasons. Couples who are looking to plan their family opt for gender selection to balance the gender of their offspring. Fertility doctors use IVF with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in Thailand to prevent the inheritance of genetic diseases to the parent’s unborn child.

Sights to See in Thailand:

Thailand is the perfect destination for IVF patients to relax, unwind and recover from their treatment. Escape from the cares of the world and laze on one of Phuket’s beautiful beaches or explore Na Muang II Waterfalls from the saddle of an elephant.

Pattaya is the second most popular island in Thailand after Phuket. Pattaya Island offers a mélange of spectacular scenery, azure blue sea and premium seafood restaurants. If you had your fill of beach bumming; make sure you get a glimpse of the cultural extravaganza, a nifty performance by dancing elephants.

IVF Bangkok

Bangkok is a massive metropolis that promises a sensory experience that will linger in your memory and imagination for years to come. Bangkok is the focal point of fertility treatments offering the most sophisticated IVF treatments, such as egg donation and PGD and gender selection

Charming chaos is what defines the city; Bangkok is an urban concrete jungle that will make you feel alive again. Floating Market is not to be missed at all costs! Take a long-tailed speed boat and explore the water maze of canals, food markets and local merchants.

Benefits of Fertility Treatments in Thailand

Traveling for IVF in Thailand yields various advantages and benefits for parents who want to fulfill their dream of having a baby.

The lower cost of fertility treatments in Thailand is the number one reason medical tourists flock to Thailand’s IVF clinics.

The affordable cost of living in Thailand, lower personnel wages and inexpensive administrative frees enabled a large number of accredited foreign doctors set up assisted reproduction centers in Bangkok.

The absence of complicated IVF laws in Thailand encouraged numerous patients from the UK and Western Europe to take advantage of flexible, yielding laws particularly pertaining to controversial IVF treatments, like surrogacy, egg donation and gender selection.

Lastly, Thailand is one of the most sensuous, exotic countries on earth-- blessed with heavenly beauty, temperate climate and hospitable people.

Traveling to Thailand for any purpose is pleasurable experience that won’t let you down!



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