Gender Selection in Bangkok

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First Fertility Center PGS Center in Bangkok is internationally known for its prevalent services for IVF treatment in Thailand and Cambodia. The leading IVF clinic in Bangkok provides a successful step by step fertility program that incorporates modern technology, proven IVF techniques and an incisive focus on helping intended parents completely unwind and relax throughout their journey to parenthood.

Gender Selection in Bangkok

Gender selection is an assisted reproduction treatment designed to increase couple’s chances of having a baby of a specific sex.

Also known as family balancing, many couples are now considering traveling for gender selection Thailand to better their chances of having a baby boy or baby girl.

IVF Thailand clinics confer world-class fertility procedures to couples requesting an effective and viable solution to their infertility problems.

Bangkok has the lion’s share of gender selection success rates, performed in IVF Bangkok centers, using the most advanced fertility facilities and streamlined assisted reproductive technology.

There are a variety of common reasons for couples interested in choosing the gender selection Thailand.

Gender selection in Thailand can be carried out by a commonly used method: PGD Bangkok.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Bangkok is a method used in gender selection procedure where the chromosomes within cells of embryos are meticulously analyzed to determine the gender or genetic abnormalities that might exist.

Preventing genetic disease prevails the reasons for gender selection. Some couples decide to under gender selection to prevent passing along certain genetic disorders.

Family balancing is the second most popular reason for gender selection. Couples who already have a child may have a strong desire to have a child of the opposite sex.

Gender selection Bangkok is carried out by Asia’s most distinguished fertility specialists who have years of experience and education under their belt to deliver the most safe and satisfying results.

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Cost of Gender Selection in Bangkok

There are a handful of variables which come into play when it comes to the cost of gender selection in Bangkok. The type of technology used, patient’s condition and doctor’s fees are all factors affecting the overall cost of the gender selection in Bangkok.

Fortunately, the advanced technology used in fertility and gender selection in Thailand is reasonably priced for couples wishing to a specific gender of their baby.