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First Fertility Center PGS Center in Bangkok is internationally known for its prevalent services for IVF treatment in Thailand and Cambodia. The leading IVF clinic in Bangkok provides a successful step by step fertility program that incorporates modern technology, proven IVF techniques and an incisive focus on helping intended parents completely unwind and relax throughout their journey to parenthood.

PGD in Bangkok

In vitro Fertilization with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis allows couples who have an increased risk of passing a genetically inherited disease to their children to screen embryos before implantation. Screening embryos allows fertility specialists to remove embryos with chromosomal defects and use only healthy embryos for the embryo transfer procedure. PGD Thailand can also be used for gender selection, to prevent children being born with gender-linked diseases or to allow couples balance the gender of their family.

IVF Bangkok offers a wide range of assisted reproduction treatments. PGD in Bangkok offers well-equipped laboratories and operation centers for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Procedure

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis works by identifying embryos that have defective chromosomes. Chromosomal abnormalities in embryos suggest children born from these embryos would have a genetic disorder. If PGD is used to help couples choose the sex of their child, fertility specialists identify embryos with an unbalanced number of male (Y) or female (X) chromosomes. Embryos with a higher percentage of one of the sex-identifying chromosomes are more likely to produce a child of the corresponding sex.

Microsort is a commonly used treatment method for gender selection that is combined with PGD. After the eggs and sperm have been collected and used to fertilize the embryo, the embryos are screened by fertility specialists and suitable embryos are selected for use in embryo transfer.

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Visit the Wat Phra Kaeo, the holiest of all Thai temples, where the sacred Emerald Buddha rests.

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Cost of PGD in Bangkok

Bangkok beholds a thick following of international patients because of the highly advanced procedures such as Gender Selection, Egg Donation and Surrogacy that are either not available, or prohibitively expensive, in other countries.

Clinics in Bangkok can arrange accommodation and affordable packages to ensure that your time with in Bangkok is comfortable and stress free.