Pgd in Thailand

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First Fertility Center PGS Center in Bangkok is internationally known for its prevalent services for IVF treatment in Thailand and Cambodia. The leading IVF clinic in Bangkok provides a successful step by step fertility program that incorporates modern technology, proven IVF techniques and an incisive focus on helping intended parents completely unwind and relax throughout their journey to parenthood.

PGD in Thailand

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is an IVF technique that enables patients with a specific genetic disease avoid passing it on to their children.

One of the main advantages of PGD is that it helps intended parents test the embryos created by IVF for genetic abnormalities to ensure only the healthy embryos are placed into the uterus.

The soaring cost of fertility treatments in countries like the US and the UK is another burden couples have to bear with when trying for a baby.

Asia is a buoyant market for assisted reproduction treatments, receiving throngs of fertility patients from the US, Europe and neighboring Australia each year. Thailand is a popular choice for a large number of couples seeking efficacious fertility solutions abroad.

Fertility specialists in Thailand are well-trained professionals who can help patients build a family through individualized fertility services.

The desire for having a baby boy or a baby girl is also the driving force for using PGD in gender selection in Thailand.

Traveling to Thailand for IVF will help maximize your chances of conceiving while minimizing the stress accompanied with with infertility treatments; thanks to the country's astounding beauty and picturesque landscapes.

Sights to See in Thailand

Wat Tham Sua is the perfect place for recovering from your IVF treatment. A calm and serene monastery and a place of worship as many locals come to Wat Tham Sua to participate in Buddhist rituals. It is also a great spot for outdoor activities, with soaring peaks and cliffs screaming “hike me.” You will be greeted by two elephants supporting a globe making a dramatic entrance.

Cost of PGD in Thailand

IVF is out of all today's medical treatments the most financially demanding and emotionally draining procedure. The cost of PGD in the US and parts of Europe is exceedingly high; not to mention the long wait lists. Traveling for PGD in Thailand is a promise of a safe and successful IVF treatment at a very affordable cost.