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First Fertility Center PGS Center in Bangkok is internationally known for its prevalent services for IVF treatment in Thailand and Cambodia. The leading IVF clinic in Bangkok provides a successful step by step fertility program that incorporates modern technology, proven IVF techniques and an incisive focus on helping intended parents completely unwind and relax throughout their journey to parenthood.

IUI in Thailand

What is Artificial Insemination? Intrauterine insemination (IUI) has been used to treat infertility for many years and is most often engaged when there is mild male factor infertility present.

Success rates with IUI rely on significant factors including the age of the female, the quality and quantity of the sperm and the causes(s) of infertility. Follicle stimulating hormones are often employed with IUI. With IUI Thailand, the risk of multiples is greatly reduced in the hands of a competent reproductive endocrinologist.

There is little control over how many eggs are ovulated in IUI, unlike IVF where a controlled number of embryos are placed into the uterus. IUI Thailand is less expensive than IVF if pregnancy occurs during the first three cycles.

Sights to See in Thailand

Thailand is an active and glamorous array of ethnic tours and impressive activities. Explore the amazing cities of Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and Chiang Mai.

Visit one of Bangkok's canals or take an elephant ride through the jungle. Find time to take on the shopping prospects in Chiang Mai's famous night bazaars.

Discover the charming Chao Phraya River by boat for a serene array of liberation or visit the elegant Temple of Dawn.

Burst with excitement at the grand arrival of Doi Inthanon National Park, home to the highest mountain in Thailand. The park offers attractive backdrops, evergreen forests, and many types of habitation. The area is popular for bird-watching, with nearly 400 bird species, including mountain hawks and Eurasian woodcocks.

Simplify your life with dinner at the prominent Sala Rim Nam Restaurant. Thai food, specifically prepared in a traditional style awaits you at this appealing restaurant.

Cost of IUI in Thailand

IVF clinics in Thailand offers superlative reproductive endocrinologists who commit themselves to helping resolve even the most complicated male and female infertility issues.

IUI is a first line treatment for some cases of mild male infertility and is one solution that is enormously affordable and highly successful.

IVF clinics in Thailand offer a full range of fertility treatment, diagnosis and testing services.