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IVF Bangkok clinic was established in the year 2000 to provide affordable and accessible treatment to a local and international community of patients using a selection of advanced technologies and latest medical treatments, as well as specialized services offered by full-skilled medical team for first class services.

Extremely fantastic. The staff is very sweet and I appreciate the way I get reply to all my queries .The entire process was smooth. I didn't face any problem at all .
August 2016
When I contacted visit and care about Perfect Woman Institute, the staff (Ichrak), was very prompt in answering my questions no matter how minute they were. The company's customer service was better than I expected since I could talk to the staff through e-mail and Skype, in case I was in a hurry for an answer. However, because the staff is only a liaison between the hospital and the website, it took a bit of time and effort to contact the hospital itself. I'm really grateful for the professional way Ichrak handled all my worries and queries. I also appreciate the effort that the hospital's staff (Jenny) did to have the sperm transported from the US to Thailand, especially her cooperation in the shipping process. On the other hand, when I went to Thailand, the staff were very friendly and accommodating. My only complaint is that the doctor didn't give me enough information about the treatment, since there were some risks I underwent because of it. For IUI treatments, timing is very important but the hospital was late for more than an hour when I had my first one. Maybe it was because they were still preparing for it when I got there? I don't really know because they didn't tell me. In the end though, I got pregnant and that is what's important.
December 2014
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IVF in Bangkok

In recent years, Thailand has been growing in popularity as an affordable IVF destination, obtaining outstanding results and the highest successful pregnancy rates in South East Asia. Bangkok is home to a wide range of IVF treatment options based on sound academic principles and innovative medical techniques.

IVF doctors in Bangkok offer all aspects of infertility diagnosis, treatment, genetic counseling and laboratory services-- addressing infertility issues with hormonal and reproductive difficulties, such as repeated miscarriages.

IVF clinics in Thailand are committed to providing an assuring environment where you feel comfortable, relaxed and supported by an experienced team of staff.

IVF doctors in Bangkok also offer tailor-made treatment programs- where every detail of your condition is taken into account – to suit your individual circumstances, helping you receive the very best chances of success. IVF doctors and reproduction experts work within strict guidelines to ensure that reproductive technologies are used safely and responsibly.


IVF Treatments in Bangkok

Egg donation in Bangkok is one of the most popular and successfully performed IVF treatments in South East Asia. Women who may have experienced a premature menopause at an early age, or women carrying a genetic disorder and do not wish to pass their condition onto their unborn child are good candidates for egg donation in Bangkok.

Female patients suffering from abnormal uterus or damaged lining of the womb may travel to Bangkok for surrogacy. One of the most obvious advantages of surrogacy in Bangkok is the chance the treatment provides to couples to have a biological child.

Sights to See in Bangkok

A trip to Bangkok is not complete without a visit to the Floating Market, in Damnoen Saduak, about 100 kilometers southwest of Bangkok. The market is a beautiful montage of lakes and canals and merchants selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you’ve grown tired of the masses of tourists that seem to occupy every corner of the city, head to Jack’s Bar: a quaint, little bar on Chao Phraya River offering breathtaking vistas of the river. It is the perfect place to kick back with a beer and watch Bangkok’s sea gulls whirling about.