Tijuana, Mexico’s Flourishing Fertility Hub

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03/19/2013 | By: Guest Contributor

Mexico reveals a new trending town that is attracting the attention of numerous fertility patients seeking a close-to-home treatment option for infertility.   

That destination is: Tijuana. This south-of-the-border enclave has long been a sought-after spring break spot among college students and US tourists from Sand Diego.#break#

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However more and more medical tourists discovered there is more to visit Tijuana for.

Fertility care is a flourishing medical practice in Tijuana appealing to most American women and couples. They travel for IVF Tijuana to avail affordable and world-class assisted reproductive treatments.

According to the Baja California Secretary of Tourism, about 250,000 people visit Tijuana every month for health products and medical services, most of them Californians.

Tijuana has become the fertility destination for many North Americans; thanks to its strategic location and IVF professionals.

Tijuana Infertility Clinic is a stately fertility facility in Mexico dedicated to helping couples conceive through a wide variety of IVF treatments including IUI, and egg donation.

The clinic makes traveling to Tijuana for IVF treatment easier than ever. Tijuana Infertility Clinic offers unique services to US patients. The clinic can arrange a pick up from San Diego to the clinic.

After you successfully receive your IVF treatment in Tijuana you have the option of returning back (the clinic’s driver will take you back) to San Diego; or if you wish to stay and explore Tijuana.

This one-of-a-kind service affords peace of mind and convenience to patients seeking a safe and affordable IVF treatment.   

Tijuana is experiencing its own medical tourism renaissance, stealing the spotlight from Cancun, and Guadalajara, where fertility care is a well-established practice.

“In the past, the focus was on low cost. But in the last five years, doctors have been offering more complex treatments, hiring more bilingual personnel and doing more professional marketing,” said Flavio Olivieri, executive director of the Tijuana Industrial and Economic Development Corp. and cofounder of the Tijuana Medical Tourism Association.

Now, medical providers in Tijuana have so much more to offer in providing sophisticated health care, fertility procedures and have created business groups aimed at spreading the word out to US medical tourists.

Low cost care in Tijuana is an encouraging reason for many patients to cross to Tijuana for fertility treatments.

According to the Spanish-language newspaper La Opinion, Claudia Alferez, a mother of three boys from Ontario, California traveled for a Tijuana fertility clinic in the hopes of having a daughter.     

She underwent sex selection fertility treatment, a procedure that costs more than 15,000 USD in California but made for only 5,000 USD in Tijuana.  

Tijuana Tantalizing Attractions

IVF treatment can also be combined with a delightful vacation in Tijuana. Blissfully situated on the Gold Coast of Baja California, Tijuana is cultural and commercial powerhouse of the region.

Zona Rio is Tijuana’s upscale business area. City-slickers descend on Mexico’s best restaurants, hotels and luxury shopping outlets. Take in the European flair of wide, European-inspired Paseo de Los Heros, with a sight at every turn, from Aztec Emperor Cuauhtémoc to Abraham Lincoln.

Zona Rio is also known for its buoyant art scene and the storehouse of the district’s cultural history. Another noteworthy point of interest in this area is: the Museum of the Californias (Museo de Las Californias), which showcases elements of the Californias history, dating back to the prehistoric times.  

Whether you extend your stay after your IVF treatment or linger longer to soak up Tijuana’s tremendous culture; you are assured to receive the best fertility care in North America.  

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