Your Special Invitation to Visit Mexico, from the Mexican President

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07/09/2011 | By: Guest Contributor

Affordable Healthcare in Mexico

Mexico has always been a hot hub for medical tourists flocking in droves from the US, Canada and the rest of the world. But when the Mexican president Felipe Calderon introduces an ingenious proposal for curbing the sky-rocketing costs of US healthcare, that means more bucks in Mexico’s medical tourism pocket.

According to Las Vegas Review Journal, Calderon said to Las Vegas Review Journal in the Global Travel & Tourism Summit at Aria, "I know this country has severe financial problems related to Medicare," Calderón told the audience Thursday on the final day of the Global Travel & Tourism Summit at Aria. "So it is possible to reduce the expenditure of Medicare if the (U.S.) government will allow the American people to receive medical services in Mexico. It's a win-win situation. Very good service, quality service and it would be cheaper for people and cheaper for the government."


The Mexican president is earnestly offering an open invitation for Americans to visit Mexico and take advantage of its affordable plastic surgery and other medical purposes. Felipe Calderon also advised the American public to dismiss their fears of Mexico’s overblown reputation as a country where drugs and violence run rampant. He reassured the audience the danger is only limited to the border areas. "You can count on your fingers the (violent) cases related to international tourists," he said. "Actually, the rate of those affected was about zero, or 0.0001 percent." During his rule, his government was successful in constructing about 1,000 new clinics and healthcare facilities and revamped 2,000 others.

Mexico is not only popular among US medical tourists; the country is also a sought-after tourist destination for millions of regular tourists. It is blessed with ritzy resort towns, sun-kissed beaches and tantalizing cuisine. In addition to its breathtaking natural scenery, Mexico is well-steeped in history and replete with spectacular sites and ruins from the bygone Mayan era. Healthcare in Mexico has gone through many stringent reforms which rapidly developed Mexico to be a leading tourism destination.

Plastic surgery in Mexico is one of the most thriving industries, offering advanced technology, quality plastic surgeons and customized treatment plans. In the recent years, there have been quite a number of Mexican cities that grew in popularity on the medical tourism scene; among them are Cancun, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta. Many US holiday makers and medical tourists prefer to combine their plastic surgery in Cancun, with a dip in its pristine waters. 

Guadalajara also has its fair share of top class plastic surgery clinics and qualified cosmetic specialists.The robust industry of plastic surgery in Guadalajara attracted many highly qualified and accredited plastic surgery specialists who chose Guadalajara to be their center of business. Mexico offers a comprehensive range of top plastic surgery procedures, catering to each patient’s needs and appearance goals.

From a simple Botox in Cancun to breast implants in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico clinics boast high-end medical equipments on par with western healthcare standards.

Whether you are seeking a plastic surgery or a sunbath on one of Mexico’s beautiful beaches, we suggest you take up the Mexican president’s invitation and make your way to this luscious Latin land.    


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