Robots for Hair Transplantation Surgery

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01/07/2013 | By: Guest Contributor

You might mistake it for a scene from a science fiction movie, but this a manifestation of today’s modern medical advancements.

If you are seeking a surgical solution for hair loss; your next hair transplant procedure could be performed by a robot, assisted by hair restoration surgeon.

Achieving accurate results and reducing harvesting time, robotic-hair transplant procedure is natural advance in the technology of hair restoration techniques.


In addition to the device’s fantastic results; it bears the stamp of approval the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, assuring patients a safe surgery.  

It can also give patients more option of different punch sizes. The 0.9mm punch- compared to the standard, which is 1.0mm- is designed to shorten healing time, decreases donor scarring and increases the number of follicular units that can safely be harvested in the donor area.

The procedure assisted by ARTAS can take up to eight hours. It is usually done in one session, but can be followed by a less-intensive follow-up procedure.

Hair transplant doctors attribute to its dramatically faster and effective results than the traditional methods used in hair restoration treatments.

The robot hair transplant takes the human-error element out of the equation which gives patients a leap of faith to undergo the procedure with full confidence they are getting a safe surgery. Hair transplant surgeons can tire during a long traditional hair replacement procedure, during which thousands of hair follicles are replaced.     

The final steps are to numb the front hairline and insert the grafts from the back of the head.

Hair Transplant Haunts: Destinations for Dense Hair Growth

There are a considerable number of countries cropping up around the world presenting an affordable and medically-advanced proposal to counter hair loss as well as promote healthy hair growth.

A hair transplant destination that is above the rest is Mexico. Hair transplant in Mexico is a world-class destination for hair restoration treatments offering hair loss patients a chance to restore their hair and confidence.

Reveert hair transplant clinic in Mexico embodies the essential ingredients for a successful hair replacement procedure. Guadalajara hair transplant surgeons are highly trained professionals who utilize the safest surgery and least-invasive techniques to deliver maximum results and minimum scarring.      

During recent years, Turkey has become a centerpiece for hair transplant practice in Europe attracting a myriad of hair loss patients from neighboring European countries and beyond, particularly from the Middle East.

The country’s strategic advantage and prominence drove demand from male and female hair loss patients due to its close proximity to most countries which enables patients to offset the cost of long-haul travel.

Hair transplant Turkey clinics allow the many to save and splurge at the same time by undergoing a state-of-the-art treatment and enjoying the best of Istanbul and Ankara have to offer.

American patients have more choice when it comes to hair transplant care. Another destination of note nestled between Latin America and Caribbean is Dominican Republic. Alba Reyes hair transplant clinc Dominican Republic caters to a wide variety of US travelers looking to vacation in a tropical haven while achieving their appearance goals.

Santo Domingo Hair transplant centers design hair restoration methods that will give you back your healthy hair appearance. Innovative approach taken by Dominican Republic hair restoration doctors allow patients to replace their hair exactly the way it used to grow.

Contrary to what many people believe, hair transplant surgery has become an easy endeavor and no longer associated with the blood-shot head imagery.

Thanks to today’s remarkable advancement of Robotic hair restoration and exceptional cosmetic hair transplant technology, you can safely achieve natural hair lines and an excellent hair appeal in less time and for less cost.

Image courtesy of ARTAS System, Dr. Robert Bernstein of Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration 


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