Preparing Your Patients for Treatment Abroad

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04/21/2014 | By: Guest Contributor

Medical tourism is an emerging phenomenon in the health care industry.

For any patient considering traveling abroad for the first time, striking destinations like Mexico, Thailand and Turkey are quite alluring — with sharp advertising ploys that are based on breathtaking beaches and once-in-a-lifetime sightseeing excursions.

However, perception can arguably be one of the most noteworthy details lost in medical tourism today, as these enticed patient emotions can be quickly displaced with an unexpected dose of reality if the medical tourism facilitator does not prepare them properly.

Recognize the Value of Preparation

While the growth of medical tourism doesn’t signal what consumers expect from these packaged value propositions, health care providers should recognize the value in preparing consumers with reality driven facts.

Patients becoming medical tourists have undoubtedly heard about the incredible travel destinations, the unbelievable cost savings and the no-wait convenience — but far too many are not prepared for the diverse practices of care abroad.

Strict guidelines, international accreditations, and expert care are at the up-most necessity unfortunately do not automatically translate into a guaranteed successful international patient experience.

So, what should hospitals, doctors and medical tourism agencies understand from this?

Details are Essential

Prepare your patients for medical treatments and health care improvements with details.

      --  Standardize and reinforce the entire medical process to your patients from start to finish.

      --  Use step-by-step instructions — so that treatment processes are never misunderstood.

      --  Discuss all aspects of the planned treatment, from risks to recovery.

      --  Offer comprehensive details of the facility in which you perform your services.

      --  Provide references from patients and the credentials of every team member.

      --  Make available material to help patients navigate the unfamiliar culture.

      --  Deliver the best after-care and support should the unexpected arise.

      --  Teach each and every patient coordinator the value of proper communication.

Medical tourism marketing stents can leave patients with high expectations — and deservingly so. Often times, patients expect elements to be exactly the same as in their own country. By offering the proper education as listed above you are empowering the patient to have a successful medical journey abroad.

Highly satisfied patients drive more patients, thus growing your international patient volume and lowering your marketing costs. Instead of marketing it as an unforgettable holiday, let’s prescribe patients a healthy dose of education on medical tourism processes.

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