Fertility Health Care

Fertility Health Care

Fertility Health Care in Egypt offers services ranging from pre-conception counseling, prenatal care, family-based labor and delivery care to evaluation and diagnostic services for complex obstetrical patients.

As the leading IVF clinic in Egypt, we offer fertility treatments for men and women, including IVF, Gender Selection, Sperm Retrieval and Freezing, IUI, and Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycles, among others....

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Consultation I need a medical consultation
Enquire IVF with ICSI
Enquire Gender Selection IVF
Enquire IVF with PGD (Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis)
Enquire MicroSort (Gender Selection)
Enquire IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)
Enquire PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)
Enquire Natural Cycle IVF
Enquire TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)
Enquire Mini IVF
Enquire Embryo Freezing
Enquire Sperm Freezing & Storage
Enquire Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle
Enquire Microdissection TESE
Fertility Health Care
Egypt Travel Tips
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Egyptian pound
  • Climate: (December to February) 13 to 19 °C. (May to August) 45 to 47 °C.
  • Capital: Cairo
  • Major Airport(s): Cairo International Airport (CAI)
  • Electricity: 220 volts (non-US Plug)
  • Time Zone: UTC +2
  • What to See

    Symbolized as the jewel of the orient, Cairo overflows with a stimulating mixture of diverse cultures. It is a city conquered by modern attractions and sophisticated luxuries. Make your first stop at the Pyramids at Giza — a favorite tourist destination.

    What to Savor

    There is an abundance of international cuisine in Cairo to explore for every budget.  With an overwhelming amount of tasteful treats in Cairo, you’ll never be famished for flavor. First time visitor? Try the famed El Morocco restaurant.

    Where to Stay

    Once you have explored the crowned jewels of Cairo, there are thousands of hotels to rest and recover for your next day of adventure. Choose from traditional hotels to the most lavish estates in Cairo. Most of the hotels in Cairo are near the top shops and attractions or just a few minutes away from the most invigorating venues in the world.


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