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اشكر هذه العياده الطبيه الرائعه لما تتميز من خدمات طبيه متميزه ورائعه ومن معامله طيبه لكل كوادرها وانا كنت محظوظه بزيارة هذا العياده لما قدمته لي من عﻻج متميز وخدمه ومعامله طيبه فانا من العراق كنت اعاني من العقم لمده ست سنوات فقمت باجراء اطفال انابيب على يد الدكتور المتميز غسان عازار ذو الخبره الطبيه المتميزه والمعامله الرائعه فاصبحت حامل بفضل الله وبفضل جهودكم وخدمانكم الطبيه المتميزه فبارك الله فيكم وبجهودكم اارائعه ووفقكم الله دائما لعمل الخير ان شاء الله
November 2016
في البدايه عندما توكلنا على الله وبعد عدة محاولات سابقه عقدت العزم هذه المره وكلي اصرار بان لايأس مع الاصرار .. وبالفعل تعرفت ع عيادة دكتور غسان وكان الرجل متواضع بأدبه وخلقه العالي والذي كان لا يمل من كثرة اسئلتي قبل الشروع بالأجراءت .. نعم عقدت العزم وبدأت اول خطواتنا من اعطاء الأرشادات وكيفية اخذ الدواء الخاص بالمدام وتهيأئتها من بداية سحب البيوض وتلقيحها لغاية ارجاعها لغاية رجوعنا لبلدنا العراق لحد هذه اللحظه بعد مرور ثلاثه اسابيع وبعد اجراء التحليل وثبوت الحمل .. كل هذه الايام كما اسلفت كان الدكتور (غسان عازار) معنا اول بأول .. هذه التجربه ستبقى معي وبارك الله به ووفقه ..
November 2016
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The IVF Clinic of Dr. Ghassan Azar is the top holistic obstetrical & gynecological clinic in Beirut, Lebanon. Our leading fertility center in Beirut enlists the guidance of a pioneer gynecologist with multiple achievements that range from discoveries and breakthroughs in the field of gynecology to multiple publications that have received world-wide acclamation.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF and other assisted reproductive treatments can be a modern-day miracle for parents who have struggled to conceive naturally. The pain and the emotional hardship couples experience during their conception trials all become worthwhile when IVF treatments accomplish its intended purpose and couples are graced with the gift of a child.

Due to the steep cost of fertility treatments in western countries like the US and the UK, many couples think twice before taking on such an emotionally-charged journey. One of the main hardships of undergoeing IVF is its unreasonable cost which prompts couples to explore the option of traveling for IVF overseas.

Infertility abroad offers couples a chance to be parents and fulfill their dream of creating a family-- at affordable cost. A growing number of fertility destinations are helping hundreds of patients with infertility problems through a host of world-class assisted reproduction technologies.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Treatments

Many mature women who have reached the age of menopause seek IVF with egg donation.

Egg donation is an in-vitro fertilization treatment designed to allow women with infertile eggs or poor ovarian reserve to become pregnant.

It is a viable solution for couples with female infertility facts. There are a handful of IVF destinations that specialize in this type of treatment.

IVF with egg donation provides women with a low ovarian reserve or who are not able to use their own eggs for other reasons a chance of becoming pregnant. Donors are screened thoroughly to ensure that they match the prospective parents. The programs are anonymous and the matching process is done by the fertility experts. Many patients decide to pursue this treatment abroad as IVF with egg donation offers more options and less waiting times to couples.

Gender selection, also known as sex selection or family balancing refers to the selection of an offspring's sex before implantation of the embryo into the womb via in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Some couples may travel abroad for gender selection to avoid a “sex linked” genetic disease, such as Hemophilia. Other couples may desire to select the sex of their baby to balance with the gender of their existent children.

There are two methods of gender selection used today, sperm sorting, also known as Microsort technology, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Microsort is a method that enables the separation of X chromosome sperm from Y chromosome sperm, which then is used in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Microsort works by fertilizing the eggs and sperm in a laboratory environment and then placing the embryo in an incubator for optimal growth.

Surrogacy is another chance for couples who have undergone several failed IVF attempts and third-party reproductive treatment to successfully have a baby and create a family.

Couples contemplating the option of traveling for surrogacy can contact any clinic to get a price quote for any destination listed and will also be assisted in the entire process of surrogacy; from finding a surrogate mother to surrogate pregnancy.

Surrogacy and fertility clinics in the destinations listed aim at saving time and effort of finding a surrogate mother and pre-screen potential surrogate mothers.

Our patient coordinators, guided by our affiliate doctors, will answers all your questions and furnish you with the necessary information of surrogacy, its associated costs and surrogacy laws in the intended destination.

Cost of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF abroad offers couples a chance to be parents and fulfill their dreams of creating a family-- at affordable costs.

Low cost fertility destinations promise the same advanced technology, qualified reproductive experts and high pregnancy success rates that are offered in western countries.