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The center was founded to become one of the largest and most successful eye care clinics in Turkey providing professional eye care practices to local and international patients.Dunya Goz has a rich and proud history of providing state-of-the-art eye care and is committed to continually provide quality eye care and effective treatments to make sure your eyes get the attention you deserve.

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JCI Quality Approval, TÜV-SÜD ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for Quality Management System, TSE ISO9001

Patient Reviews

Laser Eye Surgery

Ruslan - 30-Apr-2012

I've been operated by Lasek on both eyes. But, unfortunately,my vision is still bad, I don't feel any changes. There is an obscuration of vision, especially at evening time.

Laser Eye Surgery

Hootak - 30-Jan-2012

My treatment went very good. It was the best decision in my life. I am very satisfied with Dunya goz, it was a top modern hospital and I feeled very hospitalazid by all employees. All the nurses and the doctors toke good care of me and my eyes. Don't talk about the price compare to the european countries it was 3 times cheaper but still much modern and better. I would like to than Dunya Goz Hastanie, now I can see every thing clearly and don't think of my glasses when I wake up in the morning. Best regards /Payam Hootak from Sweden

Laser Eye Surgery

John, Limassol, Cyprus - 28-Nov-2008

I would like to go on record and state quite categorically that the help and advice I received from you personally and the reassurances from your "boss" reminded me of the old-fashioned way of "respect and courtesy for the customer" Thank you very much indeed. The same can be said of the Dunya Goz, the levels of professionalism shown by all levels of the staff gave one "a feeling of confidence and trust" I am fully satisfied with the advice I received and the subsequent treatment which even at this early stage seems to have given me some additional clarity of vision in my right eye. Prof. Dr Can Ustundag requested me to return in one month, this however would clash with New Year celebrations etc so I plan to re-visit probably mid-January. I have also reached a joint decision with my wife (based on the experience of treatment at Dunya Goz) that I will have a vatrectomy operation carried out on my left eye once I am satisfied that the right eye has improved sufficiently to allow me to risk this type of operation. Once again I thank very sincerely and send best wishes to you. Kind regards John