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The center was founded to become one of the largest and most successful eye care clinics in Turkey providing professional eye care practices to local and international patients.

Dunya Goz has a rich and proud history of providing state-of-the-art eye care and is committed to continually provide quality eye care and effective treatments to make sure your eyes get the attention you deserve.

When seeking an eye treatment, patients must have confidence in the treatment and the treatment provider. That’s why doctors at the clinic strongly believe that this confidence can only be earned by applying world-class eye treatments, while guaranteeing proven safety. 

The clinic offers well-trained eye care experts who utilize a range of the most up-to-date eye procedures, such as lasik, cataract surgery and intralase lasik surgery.

The professional eye care staff includes opticians and frame experts that provide a full range of superior quality care services.

Doctors initially run a preliminary examination- If you are, at least, 18 years old and your glasses or lenses have not changed more than one degree over the last year, have up to -10 Myopia Have up to - 7 Astigmatism Have up to +7 Hypermetropia, and your eyes are found to be suitable for treatment in the consultation, you can be eligible for laser surgery.

Doctors will decide whether you are suitable for eye surgery in Istanbul during your consultation phase and through a detailed examination at the clinic.

Eye doctors in Istanbul employ the advanced technology in eye care practice and hold high-profile medical certifications from the US and Europe.

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