Plastic Surgery in Lithuania

1 Plastic Surgery Clinics, offering over 17 treatment(s) in Lithuania
Plastic Surgery  in Lithuania

Tautrimo Astrausko Klinika

Tautrimo Aštrausko klinika is a team of experienced and energetic physicians, nurses and administrators in Kaunas, Lithuania. Through competent counseling, responsible decision making, constant drive for improvement and striving for perfection we create the best possible results for our customers.  The safety and comfort of the patients is the top priority of our staff....

1 Plastic Surgery Clinics, offering over 17 treatment(s) in Lithuania

There are different ways of expressing opinion about hospital “Kardiolita”. You may speak pathetically - just listen: constellation “Kardiolita” is formed of the megastars – professors, doctors alongside with the less bright but a warm light spreading smaller stars – nurses, hospital attendants, cooks and chauffeurs. Just one star missing and the constellation would never be the same. You may speak in a simple way. Why I recommend choosing this hospital for all the concerned? They know how to save your time. All the preoperative tests took half a day and were started within one hour after I have crossed the doorstep. They treat patients as partners: the treating doctor, an operating surgeon – professor and anesthesiologist – all of them take the time to explain what things will be done to me. They inspired my confidence and I did not experience any anxiety before surgery. They care not only for your medical condition but for your comfort as well. Attentive and caring nurses do not leave you alone for a minute - even if they do not perform any medical procedures for you – they constantly offer their services and help to ease your condition. Nurses are so glad to see your every progress during recovery period! The wards are air conditioned, fully furnished with TV, fridge, comfortable transformable bed and are dedicated to providing total home comfort for patients. Here you can find lots of things to help you from feeling lonely: phone for international calls at every ward, library, Internet. Finally, they serve absolutely delicious meals here. I was set on my feet and asked to start walking the second day after hip joint replacement surgery. A week later I was able to walk without a walking-stick. I think it became possible thanks to advanced technologies used in hospital, skillful fingers of the doctors and tender hearts of the nurses. If you’re considering joint replacement surgery and searching for the right hospital – do not hesitate, come to Vilnius, choose hospital „Kardiolita“. I am ready to answer any questions my companions for illness may have. Please write me on [email protected] Valeria Goronkova, a journalist from Ekaterinburg.
August 2017
My Mother had a new knee implant, after we were let down by our first choice. The treatment and care was fantastic, well worth the money compared with the prices in the rest of Europe. The Clinic was easy to get too with good Airport conections. I looked into many of the Clinics advertised in WhatClinic and even though it was our second choice the nurses Doctors and after care were Fantastic. All the food was homemade made to a high standard which is really important when you are in Hospital.
August 2017
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At present, surgical management of obesity is the only method of treatment that can provide permanent weight loss results. Weight loss surgery in Lithuania increases life expectancy, improves health, and the quality of life. Treatment of obesity involves supervision of doctors with different specialties. Effective care by our multi-profile team at Kardiolita Hospital guarantees a long-lasting treatment success.

Plastic Surgery in Lithuania

Lithuania has been making inroads in the field of plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures inviting a large number of patients from Europe and the US.

Many European patients are adding Lithuania to their map of plastic surgery destinations; thanks to the country’s prominence in cosmetic surgery treatments and low cost options.

Plastic surgery doctors in Lithuania understand that the decision to improve one’s appearance is an important one and will provide patients with as much information as possible to make an educated decision.

Doctor’s high level of training and expertise make them among the most qualified of plastic surgeons in Europe.

They strive to maintain the best possible surgical outcomes in a setting that embodies world-class standards and tranquility to ensure relaxing and fulfilling self enhancement procedure.

Patients are guaranteed diligent attention to their needs, before during and after surgery.  Aiming for perfection is their number one priority, while taking pride in knowing patients are satisfied and have achieved the appearance results they desire.  

Among the most popular procedures in Lithuania are breast implants, tummy tuck, facelift and nose surgery.

Lithuania plastic surgery clinics are outfitted with the most advanced and streamlined medical and cosmetic surgery equipments to ease and make their experience memorable.

When traveling for plastic surgery in Lithuania, you will not only achieve your most desired appearance goals but you will also embark on an unforgettable self-discovery journey.

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Lithuania

Breast Implants Lithuania:
Breast implants in Lithuania is an ideal body contouring procedure for women who have small or uneven breasts. Patients who have lost volume in their breasts following child birth or weight loss can take advantage of this treatment to achieve perfectly proportionate figure.

Tummy Tuck Lithuania:
Tummy tuck in Lithuania aims to remove excess wrinkled skin and subcutaneous fat from the abdomen. The underlying muscles are also tightened during the procedure. The result is a smoother, flatter and slimmer abdomen.

Facelift Lithuania:
Facelift in Lithuania is designed to address the lower two-thirds of the face such as sagging neck, jowls, chin and folds and creases around the mouth. It is the definitive solution for facial aging, redefining and accentuating the youthful contours of the face.

Nose Surgery Lithuania:
Nose surgery in Lithuania is designed to meet the facial appearance needs of patients and performed under the strictest safety standards. The procedure can have a dramatic impact on the way the face looks by reducing or altering the shape, size and angle of the nose to greatly enhance appearance.


Sights to See in Lithuania

Explore the unbeaten path of Kaunas. It was a bustling outpost on the border of the Russian Empire. Several devastating wars didn’t stop this North European gem from shining: Kaunas offers a splendid blend of diverse population and a cultural heritage that will leave you wanting more.

Pazaislis Monastery is a refined example of 17-centure Soviet-style baroque architecture located 9km east of the center, near the shores of Kaunas Sea, a large artificial lake created by damming the Nemunas.