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The smile is the most attractive facial feature we have! As the first dental center in Bulgaria, Medstom, opened its doors in 2001. For many years, our highly reputable cosmetic dentistry center in Sofia has helped hundreds of patients. Our success has allowed us to expand with our new dental clinic Medsom–M, which is situated on the center of Sofia.

Dentists Sofia

Dentists in Bulgaria are growing progressively as the world finds out that dentists and oral specialists in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities are professional dental experts equipped with the latest dental technology. In recent years, Sofia has been following the footsteps of major dental destinations in the region of Hungary, redefining its status as a top international medical provider.

When traveling for dentist in Sofia, expect safe, reliable dental procedures carried out by leading, board-certified and English-speaking dental practitioners offering a wide array of cosmetic dentistry at reasonable prices. One of the significant benefits of visiting dentists Bulgaria - other than affordable dentists in Sofia- is its vantage position near important European capitals which makes for a quick dental weekend getaway. Dental clinics in Sofia always strive to follow stringent safety rules, using disposable materials while sterilizing and decontaminating all instruments.

The materials and dental equipment used in Sofia dental clinics comply with rules and regulations set by the European Union dental associations. As a new EU member, Bulgaria offers medical travelers quality service and dental care treatments at affordable prices using only the most advanced dental technology. Sofia is a beautiful, friendly city that is proud to provide skillful dental professionals and medical services available to anyone without undue delays.

Dentists Treatments in Sofia

The high demand for inexpensive dental care in Europe and the US has attracted many patients to Sofia and led to the development of an outstanding dental infrastructure and medical facilities that meet European and international medical standards.

Dental Crowns in Sofia:
Dental care in Sofia provides complete dental maintenance by highly skilled professionals.

Dental tourism in Sofia has emerged due to lower international costs for dental crowns and shorter waiting lists than the patients face in many countries.

Dental Veneers in Sofia:
Cosmetic dentistry in Sofia provides modern facilities which are designed for comfort and efficiency, using up-to-date technology and materials for dental veneers and provides dental services par excellence.

Dental Implants in Sofia:
Dental treatment in Sofia can offer you all dental treatments you require including dental implants.

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry, Sofia can provide for your needs at vast cost savings.

Sights to See in Sofia

Vividly swathed by the Balkan Mountains to the north and the Vitosha Mountains to the south, Sofia is situated in western Bulgaria.

Make a stop at the Sofia Zoo, a primary indispensable landmark with over twelve-hundred animals on display.

Visit the hidden treasure of Boyana Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Boyana Church has roots dating back to the 10th century.

Mount Vitosha is a bulbous landmark in Sofia with aspiring views. The massif is home to a national park, ski slopes and great trails to explore.

Explore the National Archaeological Museum, a former Ottoman Empire mosque. The museum offers a unique glimpse into the legacy of Bulgaria. Plan to see the National Palace of Culture, a mammoth memorial of concrete and steel that will leave you mesmerized.

Don’t forget to make your way to the historic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the biggest tourist attraction in all of Sofia. The dazzling cathedral is a wonderful symbol of faith.