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Hello, I can not thank Dr Mustafa Sevgili and his team enough for the excellent service and treatment and the time and care he has taken with my root canal treatment. I am a retired doctor in UK over visiting friends and he fitted me in for an appointment at short notice to suit my situation. I can state with some certainty and insight from my past experience in medicine that his service is 1st rate.
March 2023
Very professional and friendly team.
December 2022
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Dentists Cyprus

Cyprus is rapidly becoming a center for dental tourism, offering restorative and cosmetic dentistry at competitive prices. The dental care standards practiced in Cyprus have been elevated to match its European neighbors, yet prices are still affordable for all dental treatments.

Dental clinics in Cyprus are modern, hygienic, and offer sociable service. Most dentists in Cyprus are internationally qualified, and have the latest advancements in medical equipment and techniques. Dentists in Cyprus continually upgrade to the latest dental technology available, providing patients with the most current, industry leading treatments and equipment based on US models.

Cosmetic dentists in Cyprus aim to provide the kind of efficacious and skillful dental care patients demand and deserve. Dentists in Cyprus are easily accessible for everyone. Whether traveling from the US or within Europe, Cyprus makes it easy for all international and local patients. Famous cosmetic dentistry destinations in Cyprus are Kyrenia and Limassol. Dentists in Kyrenia offer high-quality services for those patient suffering from oral conditions that require reconstructive and restorative dental treatments.

Patients looking for a simple smile makeover may travel for dentists in Limassol. Dental clinics in Limassol feature the highest quality of technological advancements in oral care with a special focus on cosmetic and implant dentistry. Being home to a large community of British citizens and a popular tourist destination, dentists in Limassol are very familiar with foreign dental patients.

Most dentists and oral practitioners in Cyprus are English-speaking for the convenience of international patients. This island is considered one of the most foreign-friendly countries in Europe. You will notice that all signposts in public places are written in English and Greek so you can easily get around. Rest assured when you travel to Cyprus for a dental treatment or just to soak up the sun, you won't experience any language barrier.

Cyprus is the perfect playground for beach activities and having fun in the sun. While recovering from your dental treatment, visit Paphos, the birthplace of Homer Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess. The Cypriot coastline has a lot to offer its visitors, rich in crystal clear waters, snorkeling, sailing and skiing activities. Since Cyprus is a divided island; it is to be noted that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has its own currency: Turkish Lira. However Euros are widely accepted in most shops, restaurants and cafes in Northern Cyprus.

Dentists Treatments in Cyprus

Dental treatments in Cyprus are helping transform top dentistry destinations by offering exceeding care, restorative and cosmetic dentistry with convenience and cost savings.

Dental Crowns in Cyprus:
Dental crowns are a fixed refurbishment fitted to the remaining part of a prepared tooth or placed on a dental implant. Dental Crowns in Cyprus are an ideal way to rebuild a damaged tooth.

Dental Implants in Cyprus:
Today, patients traveling to Cyprus for dental care are realizing there is a better alternative to wearing dentures; that alternative is Dental Implants in Cyprus. Dentists in Cyprus hold high standards, combined with low prices for anyone seeking dental implants abroad.

Dental Veneers in Cyprus:
A Veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth. Porcelain veneers are used because of their durability and realistic appearance.

With Dental Veneers in Cyprus, patients can expect straighter, whiter, and smoother appearance.

Sights to See in Cyprus

Cyprus is bursting with flare and personality of a sassy Mediterranean indulgence. Cyprus is known for the legends of love, intriguing antiquity, and an authentic culinary retreat.

Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean. The landscape diverges between rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, stony hills and jungle scenery.

Explore one of Cyprus’ primeval castles. Saint Hilarion Castle is made of limestone rocks and is one of the premium spots to visit. Kolossi Castle, near Limassol, is also an extremely impressive site to relish in.

Invest in the spectacular scenery of Byzantine churches and gifted Troodos Mountains.

Feeling down? Pafos Medieval Fort is the perfect retreat. Be entertained with soothing sounds inside the ancient walls.

Indulge in your sweet side on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains, featuring a Platres chocolate workshop to delight in.

Cypriot bars are the perfect way to end your night as they line the sea front in Larnaca, with lively ballroom attractions and immense warm-hearted locals.