Cosmetic Dentistry Center of Prague

Cosmetic Dentistry Center of Prague

In our dental clinic — BioDent — your idea of dental treatment methods will change to the better. We conduct teeth examination and treatment in conditions of absolute sanitary hygiene and sterility, ensurin complete safety for the patient. We use effective painkillers and innovative devices for painless anesthesia, which will help you calmly and painlessly bear all manipulations with your teeth or gums....

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Cosmetic Dentistry Center of Prague
Czech Republic Travel Tips
  • Language: Czech
  • Currency: Czech crown (CZK)
  • Climate: Average Temperature Summer (57 to 73 F) Winter (25 to 34 F)
  • Capital: Prague
  • Major Airport(s): Ruzyně Airport
  • Electricity: 230V 50Hz (European Plug)
  • Time Zone: GMT + 1 (winter time) GMT +2 (summer time)
  • What to See

    One of Europe’s best-preserved cities, Prague has a romantic riverside location enhanced by graceful bridges and a magnificent skyline punctuated with medieval church spires. Its historic Old Town follows a plan laid out 1,000 years ago, with ancient squares and winding cobblestone streets. Haunting Prague Castle looms large across the Vltava River, rising above the exquisite Charles Bridge. Add extravagant, fairy-tale architecture; memorable classical music; and, these days, good food and drink, and it’s easy to see why Prague charms everyone who visits. 

    What to Savor

    Prague generally gets high marks for architectural beauty and decidedly lower marks for the quality of the food. But this is an unfair assessment based on impressions from the 1990s, when finding a decent meal really was something of a challenge.

    Where to Stay

    Sometimes, too much of a good thing is really too much of a good thing. Prague’s hotel market has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years, adding luxury hoteliers with fusion restaurants, spectacular room amenities, and properties with beer-theme spa treatments, astronomical thread counts, even on-site monks.

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