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With over 20 years of experience, the team at Bonifiacio Dental Center based in Angeles City, is one of the top-ranked dental clinics in the Philippines. Bonifacio Dental Center is committed to providing high-quality patient care and treatments from General Dentistry to specialized procedures like Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy), Dental Implants and Bone Grafts.

Dentists in Philippines

The Philippines offer competitive prices for dental treatments for tourists travelling to this relaxing island destination.

In a short span of time, the Philippines have rapidly become known for offering cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and dental implants at cost-saving prices without sacrificing quality.

The accessibility to dental crowns, veneers, implants and bridges allow you to find the right treatment to improve your smile and approach your daily life with self-assurance.

Any patients with safety or quality concerns can feel reassured about the treatments they will receive in the Philippines. Many Filipino dentists have trained in the US or Japan under a western system.

Often, dentists Philippines gained experienced working in the US before returning to the Philippines to set up a practice.

All Filipino dentists are regulated by the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippine government and issued professional licenses through this agency.

Dental patients will be glad to hear that the qualified, professionally regulated dentists have put the Philippines in the top ten of dental tourist destinations.

While dental work costs in the Philippines are a fraction of the costs in the US, dental patients receive their treatments in first-class, internationally accredited hospitals and dental clinics equipped with US-sourced equipment.

The Philippines present a stimulating mix of cultural history, adventure tourism, and modern shopping to satisfy dental tourists of all types.

Whether you are soaking up sun on Boracay Island or enjoying the modern conveniences of the capital Manila, you can enjoy this island escape and leave content with your dental experience.

Dentists Treatments in Philippines

With its many foreign-trained dentists, the Philippines are an easy choice for up to date technology and experienced dental care. Many dental clinics offer package deals with hotels if you book ahead.

Dental Implants Philippines:
If you have lost teeth from an injury or decay, dentists can fit you with an implant that looks and functions exactly like natural teeth.

Dental Veneers Philippines:
Veneers of plastic or porcelain can be fitted over your front teeth to correct tooth discoloration caused by staining, aging or medications. Dental veneers in the Philippines also correct small chips, unwanted gaps or misshapen teeth to leave you with a brighter, more confident smile that is protected from further damage.

Dental Crowns Philippines:
Dental crowns, or “caps,” in the Philippines restore teeth that have been broken, experienced decay or been weakened by a large filling. They fit over the remaining tooth, strengthening it and maintaining the original shape of the natural tooth.

Dental Bridges Philippines:
A dental bridge, or “pontic,” is a false tooth that fills in the space left by a missing tooth. This irremovable piece protects the mouth from gum disease and tooth decay, while preventing other teeth from moving out of place.

Tooth Whitening Philippines:
Filipino dental clinics offer two options: (1) a home option that is prepared in the clinic but completed by the patient at home, or (2) a simple in-office whitening treatment that is completed in one visit.

Sights to See in Philippines

Dental treatments typically have short recovery times, so you can plan other activities during your stay. And with English as an official language of the Philippines, you should have little trouble navigating your choice of its the 7,000 islands.

Before your surgery, be sure to sample the Filipino kitchen, which combines Asian, American and Hispanic influences. Elaborate paellas flavored with coconut, fish, meat and fresh fruits and vegetables will delight your palate. Then, kite board on Boracay Island, trek to hidden caves that house ancient indigenous burial sites, and scuba dive near the Tubattaha reefs.

Less daring tourists can take in Spanish colonial architecture that dates back to the 16th century when explorer Ferdinand Magellan first claimed the islands for Spain. Baroque churches like the San Augustin Church and historic trading towns like Vigan remain intact for curious culture-seekers.

The best way to recover from your surgery is to find refuge in one of the islands’ many health spas that use coconut oil and warm banana leaves to provide unique treatments.

Before leaving, finish with some shopping in Manila’s modern commercial centers and take in its dazzling nightlife. The Philippines truly has something for every traveler.