Portuguese Aesthetics and Implantology Resort

Portuguese Aesthetics and Implantology Resort

Our leading dental program in Portugal will allow you to combine treatment with a unique tourist experience. The Portuguese Aesthetics and Implantology Resort (PAIR) team holds over 10 years of accumulated experience — with more than 2847 successfully treated patients. Our experience allows us to guarantee a level of excellence in the service we provide in our clinics. AngelSmile is present in Barcelos and is preparing the opening of a new Clinic with the most advanced technology in Famalicão, strengthening its international presence.

We understand the importance of a smile, to achieve this we created a family atmosphere to go along with our patients during their transformation in AngelSmile clinics. We provide you with comfort and commodity, while applying the most advanced techniques in implantology. 

Our goal is to help people — to help them accomplish their dreams. For that we provide a highly qualified team of professionals in each specialty. We not only want a good result, we look for perfection. Our focus is to achieve excellence in the results, despite the clinical case.

We provide the most advanced technology in diagnostics and treatment, which allow us to perform a profound and personallized analysis of each patient, as well as an unprecedented prediction of the final treatment result. Our top services are dental implants and dental crowns....

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Portuguese Aesthetics and Implantology Resort
Portugal Travel Tips
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  • What to See

    Portugal is much more than monuments. There are many unique opportunities to discover around every corner. You will have many moments to feel like a true Portuguese when discovering a unique restaurant or a trail with a stunning scenery

    What to Savor

    Tasting a typical dish or knowing the traditions of a popular party are opportunities that can be part of your package tour, ensuring that you will most likely be the only person from another country in these 100% Portuguese locations

    Where to Stay

    We deal with all the logistics of the process. It is not easy to move from one country to another to have surgery, so we want to guarantee/make sure that everything works well.

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