Cosmetic Dentistry Center of Tunisia

Cosmetic Dentistry Center of Tunisia

The Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic of Tunisia provides the most advanced dental care available today. We are the top clinic in Sousse for comprehensive, quality dental care in Tunisia. Our dental specialists dedicate their time and expertise to individuals who do not have access to the leading dental treatments that our team offers. Our dental clinic is well-known for restoring smiles and saving lives.

Top Dental Center in Sousse

The modern dental clinic in Tunisia features customized patient stations that are outfitted with advanced medical equipment as well as advanced hygiene rooms, laboratory, x-ray room and sterilization area. Clients have the benefit of CT machines and digital radiography, wet and dry labs, and a separate dental rooms designed for children.


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Cosmetic Dentistry Center of Tunisia
Tunisia Travel Tips
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Tunisian Dinar (TND)
  • Climate: Mild rainy winters/ Hot, dry summers
  • Capital: Tunis
  • Major Airport(s): Tunis-Carthage International Airport (TUN), Habib Bourguiba, Skanes-Monastir (MIR)
  • Electricity: 127-220V 50Hz (European Plug)
  • Time Zone: UTC +1
  • What to See

    Sousse is Tunisia’s most active town — full of the daily bustle of visitors and locals who fill the gleaming streets all day and night. Explore the Museum Dar Essid, Boujaffar Beach, and the Great Mosque.

    What to Savor

    Couscous, harissa, chili sauce, and tagines are the main dishes of Tunisian cuisine. Lamb is the most requested meat, while roasted mechouia vegetable salad is the most popular side dishe. A donut-like sugary fried cake called bambaloony stands alongside French pastries as one of the Sousse’s most favorited desserts.

    Where to Stay

    Sousse offers a huge selection of luxury hotels — to suit all budgets. Tourist Favorite: Hôtel de Paris, which offers even the most discerning of tourists with a good standard of accommodation. Most Sousse hotels stretch out along the beachfront, and offer the perfect holiday experience. Discover thje many family-oriented resorts in Sousse and experience unique and modern facilities, as well as an array of culinary delights.

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