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Alanya International Dental Clinic is one of the sought-after dental facilities in Turkey, renowned for its use of the latest dental techniques and high-end technology to help maintain strong and healthy teeth.

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Jeg var meget nervøs. for det var min første gang ved en Tyrkisk tandlæge. jeg blev meget overrasket over de var så dygtige. dog følte jeg på nogle tidspunkter de var lidt for hurtige ikke med deres arbejde for de er godt nok dygtige men jeg var alene til tandlægen og de taler kun tyrkisk og engelsk. så en gang imellem var jeg lidt usikker på om vi forstod hinanden. jeg vil nok råde andre til at være 2 så man er mere sikker. jeg kommer igen. disse tandlæger er dybt prof.
November 2013
good service. one of the fillings broke after 3 months.
June 2012
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Due to the long-waiting times, bureaucracy and expensive dental clinics in Europe and the US, a large number of patients are now convinced that tooth tourism overseas is an affordable solution to the high cost of dental care in their country. Dental care in the US and Europe is one of the most expensive and cost-burdening medical treatments; even those with medical insurance, are not usually covered for dental treatments.

Among the top dental tourism destinations in the medical world is Turkey. Dental tourism in Turkey is an appealing proposition for dental patients considering low-cost reconstructive and cosmetic dental treatments abroad. Dentists in Alanya are a welcoming alternative for those on a tight budget and seeking a safe and quality dental treatment against a breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean and medieval fortresses. Dentists in Turkey have answers to high cost dental treatment problems and at the same time maintains an exceptional combination of high quality dental treatments and after-care service.

Turkey has seen a significant surge in the number of medical tourists, particularly patents seeking dentists in Istanbul, invited by the latest restoration of dental clinics and board-certified dental care personnel. Alanya was a low-key Mediterranean beach resort city that has been under the radar of many medical tourists—until last year. Today cohorts of medical tourist, mostly from Western Europe and the US, take refuge to Alanya's sunny beaches and top-class dental clinics. Dentists in Alanya provide the greatest overall savings up to 70% on most dental treatments, such as dental implants, dental veneers and dental crowns.

Hospitals and dental clinics in Alanya are specialized in dental tourism, boasting streamlined dental equipment, high qualified dentists and well trained hygienists and oral specialists. Alanya is also home to renowned cosmetic dentists experienced in dental aesthetics, providing comprehensive treatment planning and the best quality in cosmetic dentistry to achieve optimal dental health. Cosmetic dentists in Alanya can satisfy all your cosmetic dental desires, from bleaching, dental veneers, implantology, othrodontic and endodontic treatment.

Dental equipment in Alanya has been upgraded and revamped to the highest dental care standards, featuring the latest intra oral cameras, dental lasers and digital X-ray machines. Whether you travel to Turkey for a cosmetic and reconstructive dental surgery, dentists in Alanya will make every effort to put a wide, toothy smile on your face!

Alanya shore serves a bit of respite from the battered beaches of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. What better way to recover from your dental treatment than tanning and sunbathing on the beach? Or, better yet, when the pain wears off, dine in the evening and party till sun comes up. Alanya is also known for its ancient, medieval fortresses; the most famous one is Seljuk fortress. It affords one of the most picturesque views of the Mediterranean coast, overlooking Pamphylian plain and the Cilician mountains.

Other popular and equally affordable dental hubs in Turkey are Bodrum and Kuadasi. Dentists in Bodrum are renowned for their world-class dental care facilities, offered in a safe, clean and serene environment.

Dentists Treatments in Alanya

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is performed in the most relaxing environments imaginable. Cosmetic dentistry in Alanya ranges from whitening and veneers to implants.

Dental Crowns in Alanya:
Your smile speaks to the world before you even open your mouth. If you're not satisfied with your smile, dental crowns in Alanya may be just what you need.

Dentists in Alanya have devoted their time to cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry because they want your smile to reach its full potential.

Dental Veneers in Alanya:
Have you ever wondered how you can get perfectly aligned, brilliantly white teeth? Dental Veneers in Alanya is the answer. Porcelain Veneers in Alanya convert chipped, worn, stained and misaligned teeth.

Dental Implants in Alanya:
Getting a new smile is perhaps the best thing you can do to make the rest of your life better. Dental implants in Alanya involve placing artificial tooth roots in the jaw and restoring them with a custom prosthetic.

Sights to See in Alanya

Alanya is the main bustling spectacle on the South Coast of Turkey. Alanya is a modern city with a large cultural heritage and many historical buildings.

There are many impressive 14th Century citadels, mosques and a Byzantine church that is decorated with murals.

Take to the shore at one of the most attractive beaches in Alanya, the Cleopatra beach that is incomparable with many resorts.

Visit the Alanya Museum, a historical amusement that is divided into two sections - ethnographical and archeological.

Explore the Alanya Castle, high above the rest of the city and above sea level to conform views that are breathtaking.

The gorgeous Red Tower showcases one the town's main attractions and landmarks.

Aytur Eftalia Holiday Village is a modernized architecture amassed in color for tourists to enjoy a relaxing beach based holiday. There is a good range of daytime activities and evening entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.